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Confidential Computing: Gartner lists as top strategic technology for IT leaders in 2021

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A new era of trusted data sharing, processing and analysis has arrived for businesses everywhere. Meet Conclave, our confidential computing platform for building privacy-protecting solutions with ease.


We believe that through the use of distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies, trustless data exchange and interactions across highly regulated industries will be a thing of the past.

Next-Gen Technology

Corda, our permissioned enterprise DLT platform powers solutions that enable direct and trusted transactions. Our confidential computing platform Conclave enables the building of privacy-protecting applications.

Customer First

We have one key goal in mind: to make sure our customers have the services, support and guidance they need to build business networks and thrive in today’s digital and connected world.

Our ecosystem

Growing a vibrant global network of participants who are driving
industry adoption and building applications on our industry-leading software.


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March 2021

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February 2021

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January 2021

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