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Digital trust, delivered

Accelerating direct collaboration in regulated markets with trust technology—DLT and confidential computing platforms—that delivers irrefutable trust and secure exchange between parties.

The tipping point in financial services and other regulated markets

Demands for digitization are forcing companies to “go digital” faster than ever before. Digital currencies, tokenization and decentralized finance are gaining momentum, while risk management and data privacy are a growing priority, especially for regulated entities.

Today’s market drivers present profound opportunities for organizations who are ready to explore new operating systems, technology platforms and service models.

A new future of direct digital collaboration in regulated markets is here.

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The Power of 3, only from R3

For regulated industries, only R3 delivers the 3 requirements needed for direct digital collaboration: trust technology for multi-party applications, connected networks and ecosystems, and regulated markets expertise.

Realize the potential of multi-party solutions

Trust Technology

Underpinned by distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies, R3’s platforms enable the development of solutions that foster and deliver indisputable trust between parties.

Connected Networks

R3 has convened one of the world’s largest ecosystems of diverse participants who deploy, service and manage enterprise, permissioned DLT and confidential computing solutions.

Regulated Markets Expertise

Only R3 has the market access and deep industry know-how and connections to help firms accelerate the development of next-gen multi-party solutions that deliver trust for participants across regulated industries such as banking, international trade, capital markets and insurance.

Our ecosystem

R3 sits at the center of one of the world’s largest ecosystems leveraging our multi-party app development platforms, Corda and Conclave.

From fragmented and inefficient value chains to trusted digital collaboration

Only R3 offers end-to-end enablement to help you realize the power of digital trust and accelerate the decentralization and digitization of financial services and other regulated markets.

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