2020 IDC Market Note

Blockchain for the Future of Governments

Blockchain for Government

Governments globally are continually facing pressures for increased accountability, transparency, and improved performance of their current systems.  In this Market Note, the IDC team details how governments can leverage blockchain technology to move away from their siloed systems and address accuracy and privacy requirements not met by legacy systems.

IDC predicts that from birth certificates to drivers’ licenses, passports, and beyond, by 2023, 20% of governments will issue blockchain-enabled identities.

Read the case study to discover the digital challenges governments face, how blockchain platforms such as Corda can address these shortcomings, and the use cases being explored to futureproof and streamline government systems.

“Government organizations continually struggle to enhance their operations and services efficiencies while balancing burgeoning costs as well as rising citizen expectations, especially around data protection and privacy management. A cloud-based blockchain solution may be the technological answer”.

-Gerald Wang, head, IDC Asia/Pacific Public Sector

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