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The Weekend Read: May 21

by Todd McDonald A Retirement (of sorts) Welcome to one of the final installments of the now quite-irregular Weekend Read. I will be mothballing this blog series in the coming weeks due to the fact that I am clearly too biased to write a mostly-neutral news summary. When this series began back almost two and […]

An Exploration of Identity

This piece by Ian Grigg was originally published in March this year to the R3 membership and we are excited to share this publicly.  His earlier piece, Identity is an Edge Protocol, was published on our blog earlier this month.  Three Motivators for Identity It seems as if there are three general motivators for the commercial […]


Corda: Designed for Commerce, Engineered for Deployment

This post was originally posted here on Richard Gendal Brown’s blog. When we say Corda is designed specifically for enterprises, we mean it! I’ve spent a lot of time with clients recently and it’s been thrilling to hear how so many of the unique design decisions we’ve made with Corda really resonate. R3 has been […]


Identity is an Edge Protocol

This piece by Ian Grigg was originally published in January this year to the R3 membership and we are excited to share this piece publicly.   Two tweets allowed me to formulate a vision as to why it is we’re heading in a slightly different direction for identity in the future.  The first is this […]


R3 Report: CAD-coin versus Fedcoin

by Tim Swanson As mentioned in a post last month, central bank digital currency (CBDC) has become an increasingly discussed topic and there are now at least a dozen central banks examining, and in some cases publicly discussing, the implications of creating or backing one. At R3, we are working with the Bank of Canada, […]