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Elandbridge Ltd

Charles Le Gallais

Charles Le Gallais BSc, CBE

Although his family comes from Jersey in the Channel Islands, he was born in Nairobi and spent his early life in East Africa and Aden before his family returned to the United Kingdom and settled in Dorset.

Educated at Sherborne School, the Royal Academy Sandhurst, the Royal Military College of Science (BSc in Telecommunications and Systems Engineering) and the Joint Services Defence College, he became a member at the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1999.

He was commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals in 1972. In his early career he served in Germany in the Cold War on conventional operations. During his later service in the United Kingdom (specifically Northern Ireland) and abroad he was responsible for command and control and other technologies in support of the conduct of unconventional operations. At the turn of the millennium, he was appointed Chief Joint Military Affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina with responsibility for developing a state dimension to defence policy. He concluded his military career commanding 11th Signal Brigade enabling battlefield information systems and electronic warfare capabilities in support of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

He was Mentioned in Dispatches (Northern Ireland) in 1985, appointed OBE (Northern Ireland) in 1994 and CBE (Former Yugoslavia) in 2001.

He retired from the Army as a Brigadier in 2004 and subsequently developed business in Finmeccanica and Serco (Middle East) in their Defence and Security sectors. In 2013 he became an independent consultant and director of Via Strategia Ltd, developing and implementing strategies in the Security and Charity sectors. He is currently CEO of Elandbridge, a start-up company with the aim of enabling friction-free movement of goods across international borders through the application of technology. His first objective is to employ Elandbridge to reduce the tensions around the borders with Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, he retains a passion, through charity, for making sailing accessible to young people and veterans of the Armed Forces as a means for strengthening their mental health and developing their self-confidence.

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