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Solutions Engineer

Eric McEvoy

Hi, my name is Eric from the Solutions Engineering Team at R3. Joining R3 in 2018, after prior experience within IBM and SAP, I’ve contributed to the development of institutional-grade CorDapps, most notably Project Helvetia CBDC with the Swiss Central Bank and the go-to-market property trading CorDapp trial with Coadjute.

Coding on Corda every day, I’ve been motivated to find optimisations in the finer points of the solution architectures. Earlier this year, I happened upon several unique graph technologies and paradigms, which became an excellent opportunity to get hands-on integrating and creating proof of concepts on Corda to assess the benefits of graph-oriented design approaches. The outcome of this effort was the birth of CGraph!

Outside of work, sport helps keep me focused and grounded. Brought up in sunny Galway, Ireland, I pride myself on being friendly and approachable and am always around for good chats and networking opportunities, so please reach out!

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