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Founder & CTO

Jay Fallah

For more than two decades, Jay Fallah has had a joy for technological innovation. Following from his early days in the computer industry serving in data management, Jay has pursued the course of that evolving pillar of technology to lead teams today developing the most cutting software advancements in cellular, IoT, computing platforms and cloud infrastructures integrating blockchain technology, 5G applications and quantum security.

Over the course of his career, Jay’s interest and innovative work has earned nine patents in IoT security, privacy and data integrity, forming the basis of his current venture, Parsedata.

As founder and CTO of Parsedata, Jay picked up from his trailblazing work at NXM Labs where he utilized blockchain and Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) as a secure identity and access management system. This led to his idea of a digital data-trust engine, which has since been coded to run over 5G networks. The peer-to-peer commerce platform enables asset sharing, solving a chicken-and-egg problem for infrastructure projects by enabling financial incentives and market forces along with government policies to help drive beneficial change.

Parsedata’s unique platform formed from Jay’s inventive work at NXM Labs.

Inspired by the 2015 story of how hackers were able to remotely commandeer a Jeep SUV, leading Chrysler to later recall of 1.4 million vehicles, NXM Labs set out to solve the problem of how to prevent a system wide security breach. All security systems to date had relied on some kind of centralized management allowing for a single-point-of-failure.

After some months of research, Jay hit on the idea of using blockchain, building a system of identity management and security, enabled autonomously and policed (by blockchain contracts set as policies) by the devices themselves. Since blockchain is completely distributed and decentralized, there would be no way for a system wide failure. At best, hackers could compromise a single device.

NXM’s autonomous security platform has received several U.S. patents, honored with a
Frost & Sullivan 2019 Innovation award and granted a US National Science Foundation award for 5G connected car security.

While still an advisor at NXM Labs, Jay new software start-up Parsedata entered and won the R3 Corda 5G Challenge for its innovative implementation of EV battery asset monetization, commonly known as V2G, over 5G networks.

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