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Digital Cognate

Phil Leone

Philip has lived internationally for the last forty years. He started his technology career with Bell Canada and Nortel Networks including country management in four European, African and Asian countries. He is the co-founder of several successful start-ups in three countries.

Philip solves real-world problems by translating technology into viable business offerings; develops partnerships that drive scale; relentlessly pursues contracts; and creates agile teams that create value for customers, investors, and themselves.

Philip understands the vital role of SMEs in innovation and re-balancing the deployment of capital into local enterprises. SMEs create local jobs, pay local taxes, and genuinely care about their communities.

The team at DocuChain has driven the evolution of the Digital Cognate platform and its growing ecosystem of technology and delivery partners. Digital Cognates allow YOU to define, build, own and manage YOUR own digital assets, as you see fit.

“I thrive as part of an agile team that creates and builds a new enterprise from the ground up. After 40 years, it still gives me a real kick! Local enterprises create and use economic, social, and sustainability metrics – that generate lasting value.

The globalization sermon has lost its resonance. Results are skewed to serve a narrow band of interests. Local disenfranchisement occurs with ever more centralised and opaque control of our own value, identity and rights.”

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