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Startups: Build Privacy-protecting Apps with Conclave

May 19, 2021

By William Croisettier, Venture Development Lead, R3

R3’s Venture Development program is now providing support and guidance to qualified startups looking to leverage Conclave, a new Confidential Computing platform from R3, to build privacy-protecting applications.

For the last year, R3’s Venture Development program has been the gateway into R3’ ecosystem for all early stage startups building on our blockchain platform, Corda. We’ve grown out the program to 500+ startups around the world, and have focused on helping those startups accelerate their time to market and grow their businesses in various ways:

  • Technical resources (e.g. solution engineering, developer relations, professional services)
  • Global community events and workshops almost every week
  • Mentorship from 200+ industry leaders (e.g. VCs, founders, executives)
  • Access to potential partnerships, customers channels, and broader corporate engagement with enterprise companies in our ecosystem
  • Access to potential investors in our network (e.g. VCs, CVCs) and potential investment from R3
  • Help with Go-To-Market strategy, design reviews, business use cases
  • Partnerships with high quality accelerator programs
  • Sponsored industry challenges around the world (e.g. “Corda Challenges”)

Following our program’s success with startups building on Corda, we are excited to expand our offering to now include a Conclave focused track with dedicated Conclave technical and business development support.

Conclave is a revolutionary new platform that enables the development of solutions that securely pool and process sensitive data from multiple parties. Conclave-powered applications are so secure no one sees the source data without permission — not even the app builder. Conclave leverages the power of Intel® SGX, a trusted confidential computing platform and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). It empowers developers to build confidential computing applications much more easily than before, because it lets them focus on building their application instead of the low-level architecture requirements of TEEs. While Conclave is a new offering from R3, it is synergistic with DLT in that both have a focus on data privacy and security. In fact, quite a few of the existing startups in our program are exploring how they can leverage Conclave in conjunction with Corda, especially for use cases that focus on sensitive data.

Conclave allows developers to build new products that deliver data privacy and analytics, such as:

  • Fraud Detection: Fraud that is spread across multiple institutions often remains undetected as there has been no way to securely pool multiple private data sets from industry participants to identify and prevent fraud.
  • Market Data Aggregation: Firms need to know how big their market is in order to calculate their own market share and forecasts; however, they do not feel comfortable sharing proprietary sales data such as new and recurring license revenue with a third-party provider.
  • Private Order Matching: Traders often want to do price discovery and order matching privately, and also want to make sure that no one — not even the market operators — can misuse their private transaction details.
  • Analytics Solutions: Companies want to benefit from insights that Analytics and AI firms can provide, but do not feel comfortable sending confidential data outside of their organization, or having it pooled with their peers.

As this is a new and emerging technology area, we are discovering new use cases every day!

We are actively growing the Conclave ecosystem — if you are a startup with a business model focused on data privacy and security learn more about Conclave here. If Conclave seems like it could be a good fit for your business, please feel free to reach out to us here, and explore how we can leverage the resources of the Venture Development program to help you build your Conclave application and grow your business.

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