What is Conclave?

Conclave is a platform for the rapid development and deployment of privacy-preserving applications and services. ​Conclave makes it easy to encrypt data throughout every stage in the data lifecycle—at rest, in transit, and even during processing.

Why do we need Conclave and Confidential Computing?

Encryption has been commonly used for data in rest and in transit while data remained vulnerable during processing. Data in use must be decrypted in memory and could be accessed by unauthorized entities, like service providers, operating systems, and system administrators. This poses a risk, especially for organizations that manage sensitive and regulated data.

Confidential Computing offers the solution to this problem by enabling the creation of trusted execution environments (TEEs) which isolate your sensitive data while it’s being processed. It enables new public cloud scenarios, e.g., moving sensitive and regulated data to the cloud without worrying about security or compliance concerns. But Confidential Computing also requires specialized knowledge to use it effectively. 

Conclave makes confidential computing accessible and easy-to-use. With Conclave, organizations can prove to their customers that both critical code and data remain protected and can’t be tampered with during processing.

Build the most secure applications with the experts you already have

With Conclave’s simplified developer experience, you don’t need low-level coding expertise to take advantage of the benefits of Confidential Computing. Interact with TEEs, also known as enclaves, via an intuitive API and secure your most sensitive data, even while in use. Conclave’s easy-to-use API allows developers to create highly customized enclaves using high-level languages such as Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript.

But how do you prove that only authorized code is running in the enclave? Another key feature of Conclave is its full support for auditing enclaves. End-users of Conclave apps can audit the application’s source code loaded into the enclave and cryptographically verify that the application will run as intended before providing data to their service provider.

Develop solutions quickly and protect sensitive workloads

Earlier this year, we announced Conclave Cloud beta, a serverless confidential computing platform with built-in privacy-preserving features. It offers the quickest and most effective way to deploy confidential event-driven workloads by eliminating the complexities of building with secure enclaves. 

Conclave Cloud is an integrated set of managed services to simplify and accelerate the deployment of privacy-first services. Conclave Cloud has delivered its first service, Conclave Functions, a privacy-preserving serverless execution environment using the Conclave SDK on top of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX). With Conclave Functions, anyone can host, execute, and scale stateless functions on demand while their data stays fully encrypted—even during processing.

Enhance the security of your services today and sign up for a free account. If you want to learn more, join our Discord and get in touch with the Conclave team directly.