Case Study

Reducing superannuation fund costs by 45% and giving people control over their financial future

GROW Inc is an Australian financial technology company tackling  the silos and inefficiencies in Australia’s superannuation industry. Powered by Corda, GROW’s DLTA platform harmonizes the fragmented world of superannuation for the world’s third largest pool of pension assets—cutting costs and increasing the value of pensions in retirement. 


Legacy System and Manual Processes

High costs and inefficiencies with no single version of the truth negatively impact superannuation fund members’ investment returns, fees and user experience.

Changes in Regulation

Existing systems struggle to adapt with legislative changes and incurred costs are passed on to fund members.



DLTA is a superannuation administration platform that provides all participants in the value chain with a shared source of truth and handles the full range of associated processes.

Leverages Corda APIs

Allows Corda to plug into, and integrate with, databases, CRM systems, AI and analytics tools.


Reduces Costs and Provides  

Results in 40% in superannuation administration cost savings.

Full Service

DLTA also supports insurance configurations and workflows, handles reporting, and other operational workflows from member onboarding, claiming hardship payments, switching payments, to closing accounts.

GROW Inc’s innovative DLTA system was built using R3’s trust technology, Corda, and challenges the status quo of legacy platforms in the Australian superannuation industry and beyond.

Matthew Keeley—CEO and Co-founder, GROW Inc

Improve superannuation administration costs, increase processing speed and transparency and improve the overall fund member experience with GROW Inc.’s DLTA solution.