Case Study

Aiding in the fight against modern slavery

Hope for Justice is a critical non-profit organization working to end modern slavery and human trafficking while protecting the human rights of victims and survivors. Powered by Conclave, their Private Data Exchange (PDEx) pilot program enables organizations to securely collaborate on existing human trafficking cases, while gaining important, previously inaccessible insights.


Human Trafficking Cases Continue to Increase

The number of people living in modern slavery has risen significantly in the last five years as a result of growing instability in the world.

Data Sits in Siloes

With so many ongoing human trafficking cases and the variety of related services working on them, existing pools of mass accumulated data sit in siloes.

The Data Involved is Highly Sensitive

Human trafficking case data is highly sensitive and valuable as an asset, which means it can be easily exploited if it falls into the wrong hands.

Reluctance to Share Data

Organizations working on human trafficking cases are reluctant to share case data with one another, making collaboration nearly impossible.


Data is Pooled Within a Secure Enclave

By leveraging Conclave’s confidential computing capabilities, organizations can submit sensitive case data to a secure enclave. All of this is done without exposing the data to other participants.

Leverages Matching Algorithms

Sophisticated matching algorithms find commonalities—such as geographical hotspots or repeat offenders—across the shared case data.


Cross-Organizational Collaboration

For the first time, organizations can truly work together and solve related human trafficking cases.

Increased Participation

The Private Data Exchange (PDEx) pilot will allow Hope for Justice to recruit other organizations and charities working within this space to participate on the exchange.


See the Private Data Exchange pilot in action

Enrique Restoy and Callum Harvie from Hope for Justice speak on the use of confidential computing technology to combat human trafficking.

We cannot lose the technology race against human trafficking. That is why we are so pleased that the Private Data Exchange platform has the potential to revolutionize how the sector collaborates across borders and overcomes issues surrounding data privacy and confidentiality. For the first time, civil society, governments, UN agencies and businesses can truly collaborate to make technology a force that will help to end human trafficking.

Tim Nelson—CEO, Hope for Justice

Aid in the fight against modern slavery with Conclave and the Private Data Exchange pilot.