Case Study

Connecting the world’s foreign exchange markets

OneHypernet is a financial technology company connecting the world’s foreign exchange markets using a decentralized multilateral netting solution. Powered by Corda and Conclave, the solution enables faster, lower-cost, cross-border transactions with complete confidentiality for all parties.


Reliance on Central Intermediaries

Cross-border transactions depend on correspondent banks or other intermediaries to perform transfers on the senders’ behalf.

Inefficient Process

Multiple counterparties and limited operating windows increase costs and transaction settlement times.


Leverages Corda Permissioning

Allows transaction information to only be broadcasted to parties involved since not every participant in the netting pool is involved in all settlement instructions.

Leverages Conclave Privacy

Enables sensitive payments data to be securely pooled and processed without the need for a trusted intermediary. 

Atomic Transactions

Tokenization of pre-funding liquidity to settle payment obligations atomically, eliminating settlement risk for all participants.


Unlocks Liquidity

Unlocks liquidity for banks, money transfer operators and enterprises for faster settlements at a lower cost, while eliminating cross-border settlement risks.

Reduces Costs

96% reduction in cross-border payment costs, including FX fees and liquidity costs.

Increases Speed

Enables cross-border transactions to match the speed of domestic transfers.

Conclave allows us to simulate the role of a central netting counterparty and focus our algorithm purely on optimizing all participants’ liquidity requirements and cost. So we can forget about having to optimize privacy—since that’s handled by Conclave.

Alstone Tee—Co-founder, OneHypernet

Reduce costs and accelerate cross-border transactions, with data privacy enforced by confidential computing, with OneHypernet’s solution.