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Corda Challenge: 5G

Unlock the potential of 5G using Corda – ready to accept the challenge?


Over the coming months, startups across the globe are invited to accept the challenge, competing to unlock and accelerate the potential of 5G – using Corda.

Working hand in hand with Swisscom, Vodafone, AWS and the team from R3, Corda Challenge: 5G gives you the opportunity to accelerate your app development, connect with the customer, and if you win – you could receive $15K grant and a one year CE license from R3, and an opportunity to take your product forwards with a sponsor.

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How it works:

Over three rounds, participants will be charged with pitching, designing, and developing a unique application built on Corda, R3’s open source blockchain platform, that addresses one of the problem statements defined by the challenge sponsors.

Entries will be narrowed down to a handful of finalists who will present a full stack prototype of the application to a panel of judges. Successful finalists could win up to USD $15,000 grant from R3, in addition to continued support from our sponsors to help bring their product to market. What’s not to like?

Qualifications for entry:

• Your firm should be a technology start-up that can address one of the 5G challenges listed on this page with a solution built on Corda, R3’s enterprise blockchain platform.
• Participation is open to teams working on applications at any stage of development, from ideation to those who have already built something.
• This is an industry specific challenge so your solution should be focused on 5G applications.
• Teams should be able to dedicate time and resources to the project. Please review the schedule and details before participating.

Challenge rounds:

  • Round 1: Value Proposition 1st October – 16th December
    Get your pitch deck ready… The first round will evaluate how well your proposed solution addresses the challenge statement. Why is your approach the one to beat?
  • Round 2: Solution Design 5th January – 29th January
    The second round will go one level deeper, reviewing the design of your solution (architecture and business model). Can you demonstrate its business value? We’ll be looking for a clickable prototype and a short video with your design thinking.
  • Round 3: Implementation 15th February – 16th April
    In this round, finalists will showcase a demo-able full stack solution built on Corda. Suit up – you’ll be presenting to a panel of senior judges to be considered for the grand prize!


• $15K investment from R3 (either in capital or professional services)
• Opportunity to take product forwards with sponsor
• A one-year Corda Enterprise license for one CorDapp (application on Corda)

The challenge categories:

Participants will need to address one of the following challenges with their solution.

Challenge 1- Transactions: 5G connectivity is providing devices with greater data throughput and speed. How can Corda support the secure and scalable exchange of data or transaction of value for commercial 5G use cases?

How can 5G connectivity and Corda enable value to be created within the Auto/Insurance/Healthcare/Energy/Industry 4.0, industrial IoT, and Smart City sectors by bringing together the ability for entities to transact securely with high data throughput and low latency?

  • Transactions Scalability: 5G networks are providing enterprise customers with exponential opportunities to improve their data collection and usage. However, the ability to activate and monetize this data is limited by the scalability of platforms supporting the exchange of data with counter-parties. How can Corda be used to support enterprises’ exchange of data from and between 5G connected devices scalably?

  • Security: 5G networks are providing mission critical capabilities for enterprises across use cases such as Industry 4.0, industrial IoT, Smart City, and Mobility. However, for these advances in data connectivity to be utilized, there needs to be a secure data exchange capability. How can Corda be used to support organizations exchange data from 5G networks between entities and devices in a secure and compliant way?

  • Low Power IoT Devices for trusted transactions: 5G connectivity will be used for millions of massive IoT devices. Some of these will have limited computation and storage capabilities. Which problems will be solved by using these devices and how can Corda be deployed on or integrated with these devices to provide a trusted transaction layer?

  • Support for offline transactions: How can devices support off-line Corda transactions? For example, some low power IoT devices will need to use power saving mode to reduce energy consumption.

Challenge Sponsors

Vodafone logoAmazon Web Services Logo


Have questions? We’re happy to help! Reach out to R3’s Venture Development team at

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