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Corda eBL

Deliver end-to-end bill of lading digitalization for supply chain networks

Global trade continues to rely heavily on paper-based processes which delay the flow of goods and impact growth for international shipping and logistics firms. There is a growing demand for trade to “go digital”.

Corda eBL (Public Preview) is a new app accelerator on
Corda Enterprise that enables firms to easily build decentralized blockchain solutions to issue, transfer and surrender electronic bills of lading (eBLs). Today’s eBL solutions have proven difficult to scale with all parties required to join an eBL provider’s network to transfer title documents. This impacts data privacy and introduces commercial friction where eBL providers are responsible for onboarding customers. Corda eBL uses an IGP&I Club* approved legal framework to enable title documents to be exchanged peer-to-peer, with privacyacross trade networks. Applications built using Corda eBL eliminate the costs, delays and risks associated with paper bills of lading, and overcome the legal, business and technology challenges of today’s centralized eBL solutions.

Corda eBL is now available for preview and we invite Corda Enterprise customers and evaluation users to take part in the Corda eBL early adopter program. Corda eBL will be generally available later in 2021.

If you’re not a Corda Enterprise customer, trial it now. We are also available to discuss your specific needs and to assess how you may be able to leverage Corda eBL on Corda Enterprise.

Read the Corda eBL fact sheet to learn more or contact us today to start the conversation.

*Approved legal framework acquired from E-Title Authority. Corda-based eBLs will only be recognized by the IGP&I Club at general release.

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