Introducing Corda Enterprise

Blockchain for every business in every industry

Corda Enterprise is a commercial distribution of Corda, our open source blockchain platform, specifically optimized to meet the demands of modern day business. Corda Enterprise is interoperable and compatible with Corda and is designed for organizations with exacting requirements around quality of service and the network infrastructure in which they operate.

With the choice between enterprise and open source, companies can now select a blockchain platform that fits their unique needs – regardless of their industry, size, and stage of development.

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Mission-critical features and capabilities offered by Corda Enterprise:

R3 Fintech Line_Firewall

Blockchain Application Firewall

Enables Corda Enterprise to be deployed inside corporate data centers while retaining the ability to communicate securely with other nodes anywhere else in the world.

R3 Fintech Line_Database_Integration

Support for Oracle and SQL Server Databases

Facilitates seamless integration with industry-standard enterprise databases.



Cross-distribution and cross-version wire compatibility, together with the ability to operate mixed-version networks and a Corda node inside a corporate firewall.

24 7 support

Optimized for real-world corporate IT environments

Includes 24/7 support, predictable release schedules, governance, performance and availability monitoring, enhanced security, high-availability, disaster-recovery and high-performance modes.

Access to the Corda Network

The Corda platform provides access to the world’s first universally interoperable blockchain network, enabled by Corda’s privacy model. This means that businesses can transact openly and flawlessly with all their business partners, without trapped assets or islands of information.

Corda Enterprise

Read more about the key features that make Corda Enterprise the only enterprise blockchain platform built for business.

What's new in Corda Enterprise 4?

Corda Enterprise 4 focuses on enhancements that are key for large-scale enterprise deployments. Check out the latest features.

The Corda Platform for Solution Providers

Independent software vendors (ISVs) are already benefiting from building on Corda. By embedding Corda technology—open or enterprise—into their solutions, they can help their customers link their existing applications securely and with assured synchronization, opening up a whole new world of industry-level collaboration.

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