The Corda platform—open source + enterprise

Corda Platform

As a permissioned, or ‘private’, blockchain platform, Corda ensures data is shared only with parties who have a ‘need to know’. It was designed to bring transparency and trust to interactions, while maintaining privacy and security.

Corda Enterprise offers the core attributes of Corda open source along with additional business requirements you would expect and need when licensing enterprise software, such as 24/5 support, predictable release schedules, high availability, and support for industry standard enterprise databases.

Discover why Corda Enterprise is the only software platform that delivers blockchain for your business.

Corda Enterprise Network Manager

This offering gives control to private network operators. It provides a solution for consortia, independent software vendors, corporates and market infrastructure providers to securely setup and manage private blockchain networks.

Professional Services

Committed to supporting every step of your journey from idea to production, we have a suite of services to help businesses accelerate the design, development, and deployment of blockchain solutions on the Corda platform.


A team of software engineers provide first to third line technical support for Corda Enterprise, Corda Network, Corda Enterprise Network Manager, as well as Token SDK and Accounts SDK.