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Permissioned Blockchain & DLT in Banking

Discover how R3 is revolutionizing banking.

Blockchain in banking: use cases and applications

The banking industry is now experiencing more disruption than ever before. Open banking, digital acceleration and the rise of embedded fintech are all driving new competition, while the cost of doing business continues to increase. While new challenges abound, so do new opportunities: with distributed ledger technology (DLT), banks can create next-generation efficiencies and drive innovation to meet evolving customer expectations.

With Corda—the only purpose-built DLT application development platform for highly regulated industries—banks can transform cross-border payments and treasury management with digital assets, reap the rewards of industry-wide reconciliation, and streamline client onboarding with collaborative KYC solutions. From faster payments to faster lending, discover how Corda is transforming the world of banking today.

Why Corda?


Designed for highly regulated markets where trust, privacy and finality is critical


Proven at scale across entire country-wide banking networks, delivering the promise of “what you see is what I see” for entire industries


Model digital assets and automate their end-to-end lifecycle with smart contracts, while ensuring confidentiality, ongoing verification and faster exchange of data and value


Integrates with Conclave—R3’s Confidential Computing platform—enabling the combination of blockchain use cases with the power of privacy-enhancing computation


Corda was designed by and for financial institutions. It is a distributed ledger solution that allows for appropriate data confidentiality controls, scales to bank transaction volumes and throughput, and supports an information security design that is compatible with Wells Fargo’s industry regulated standards.

Roger Cabrera

Senior Communications Consultant, Wells Fargo

Leveraging the strength of Corda, we brought full transparency to reconciliation activities, reduced operational risks and standardized the overall Spunta process. Through continued collaboration with R3’s Professional Services, we moved from pilot to production, resulting in the Italian banking sector now using a DLT-based application to process everyday transactions.

Silvia Attanasio

Head of Innovation, ABI

We recently launched our solution Trusted Data Exchange, powered by Corda and AWS, to enable the secure and private exchange of data in business ecosystems, ranging from KYC in financial services to supply chain and procurement in manufacturing. Working closely with R3 and our strategic cloud partners is critical to the success of this solution, its adoption per industry and its deployment at scale.

Damien de Chillaz

Head of Blockchain & B2B Platforms, Capgemini

Success Stories

Discover Spunta—a live inter-bank reconciliation application powering the Italian banking system

The Spunta Banca DLT solution, built on Corda by SIA, NTT Data and governed by ABI – the Italian Banking Association – is live with over 100 Italian banks, representing 91% of the nation’s banks. In the first 6 months, Spunta Banca DLT has processed 204 million transactions with an automatic match rate of 97.6%, transforming the interbank reconciliation process.

Watch their CordaCon session or watch the replay of our 'Rethinking Reconciliations with Distributed Ledger Technology' webinar.

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