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Capital Markets

Discover how R3 is transforming capital markets.

Blockchain for capital markets and fintech

While there have been technological advancements in capital markets and financial services over recent years, significant parts of the lifecycle across various asset types continue to remain resource constrained, error prone and deeply inefficient. These challenges combined with the ever-increasing regulatory burden on existing and new market participants have driven the need for a solution.

Blockchain technology in capital markets, banking, lending, exchanges and other financial services can eliminate these inefficient processes across the entire lifecycle. This movement to embrace blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) to transform capital markets and fintech has been met with a growing appetite for institutional grade investments, traded through fully regulated vehicles by which clients can trade and invest.

This recent increase in innovation in, and adoption of blockchain/DLT based fintech solutions in capital markets across a wide variety of asset types and across all parts of the lifecycle from issuance, through secondary market trading and into post trade administration is significant with respect to the increase in value to the end consumer.

Why Corda?


Designed specifically for highly-regulated, mission-critical environments where resilience, scalability, security and integration are required.


Privacy, integrity and authenticity of data processed and managed on the ledger is preserved throughout its entire life cycle.


Decentralized nature ensures no ‘single point of failure’ and a true enterprise delivery to all end consumers of the platform/service.


Leverages smart contracting solutions to deliver a medium on which transactions can be verified and executed enabling simplification of the processes spanning the asset lifecycle.


R3’s Corda platform will fit well into Nasdaq’s technology ecosystem and partnership strategy and allow us to harness the power of scalable design and a new level of interoperability.

Johan Toll

Head of Digital Assets, Market Technology, Nasdaq

As a highly regulated and trusted financial market infrastructure provider, SDX must operate at the highest levels of security and stability. Corda Enterprise has been designed specifically to satisfy these requirements.

Tim Grant

Chief Executive Officer, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

We were looking at a new way to re-evaluate the reciprocal deposit market in the US by leveraging DLT, but we knew we needed to have the right architecture, access for regulators and a private ledger. The combination of those components made Corda a compelling choice.

Kevin Bannerton

Partner, Total Bank Solutions

Success Stories


agora is a UK-based fintech focused on capital markets. Powered by Corda, their Syndicated Bond and Structured Products applications provide collaborative solutions for the future of fixed income markets.


The Coadjute Network is an open property market infrastructure that connects the various systems and software applications used across the residential housing market value chain. It enables users across businesses using different systems to participate seamlessly in the end-to-end process of managing and completing property transactions. The Coadjute Network is now live in the UK property market and rolling out nationally.


The Spunta Banca DLT solution, built on Corda Enterprise by SIA, NTT Data and governed by ABI – the Italian Banking Association – is live with over 100 Italian banks, representing 91% of the nation’s banks. In the first 6 months, Spunta Banca DLT has processed 204 million transactions with an automatic match rate of 97.6%, transforming the interbank reconciliation process.

Watch their CordaCon session or watch the replay of our 'Rethinking Reconciliations with Distributed Ledger Technology' webinar.

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