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Blockchain for Digital Assets & Tokenization

Discover how R3 is driving innovation in digital asset management.

Blockchain for digital assets and tokenization: use cases and applications

The rise of digital assets is the third innovative wave in blockchain, after the initial explosion of cryptocurrencies and the ensuing enterprise application of blockchain/DLT. The re-imagination of how value is moved and managed is massively impactful now and will fundamentally change the nature of business across many industries.

The ability to represent assets on a digital system and execute transactions using open-source blockchain technology is creating new markets for previously illiquid assets and reducing risk and cost in post-trade systems. Tokenization uses digital asset tokens which can represent any asset or agreement between parties today with the potential to settle directly against digital currency or alternative payment solutions. These tokens boost market efficiency by enabling end-to-end solutions combining trading, settlement and custody services into one seamless offering, thereby unlocking liquidity in previously illiquid markets.

Why Corda?


It enables transaction certainty, increased security, scalability and appropriate controls to represent value digitally


Easily develop digital assets fit for institutional use, with developer tools, standards, and samples to get digital asset applications up and running quickly


Atomically and instantly settle assets or payment obligations between participants in a B2B network


Leverage Corda Settler—an open source CorDapp that allows settlement via any payment rail of any outstanding payment obligations arising on Corda Network


Access Token SDK—a standard interface to create, issue and trade
tokens on Corda


Natively support the identity, privacy, scalability and finality requirements of the digital assets market on Corda


The R3 family and ecosystem is much more than simply a nice series of marketing words – it’s a reality and environment where you can develop your ideas but also connect with and meet with the sort of people that will help you bring your ideas into fruition.

Charlie Berman

CEO, Agora

For us, Corda is bringing the key building blocks for our solution. We are building a trustworthy and creditworthy solution where essentially all of our business partners are platinum-grade players who are after enterprise-level integrated services. For that, we think Corda is a well-branded and well-known platform in the industry.

Ted Roberts

CEO & Co-Founder, Realstocks

Corda is the best solution out there for our use case for the very simple reason that it has been built by financial institutions for financial institutions, meaning that it respects all of the standards of privacy, compliance and reliability that are central for these private market participants.

Antoine Loth

Co-Founder, VALK

Success Stories


agora is a UK-based fintech focused on capital markets. Powered by Corda, their Syndicated Bond and Structured Products applications provide collaborative solutions for the future of fixed income markets.


The Coadjute Network is an open property market infrastructure that connects the various systems and software applications used across the residential housing market value chain. It enables users across businesses using different systems to participate seamlessly in the end-to-end process of managing and completing property transactions. The Coadjute Network is now live in the UK property market and rolling out nationally.

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