Digital Assets

Blockchain Use Cases in Digital Assets, Tokens and Payments

The rise of digital assets is the third innovative wave in blockchain, after the initial explosion of cryptocurrencies and the ensuing enterprise application of blockchain/DLT.  The re-imagination of how value is moved and managed is massively impactful now and will fundamentally change the nature of business across many industries.

The ability to represent assets on a digital system and execute transactions using open-source blockchain technology is creating new markets for previously illiquid assets and reducing risk and cost in post-trade systems.  Digital asset tokens can represent any asset or agreement between parties today. These tokens boost market efficiency by enabling end-to-end solutions combining trading, settlement and custody services into one seamless offering, thereby unlocking liquidity in previously illiquid markets.

Why Corda?


It enables transaction certainty, increased security, scalability and appropriate controls to represent value digitally


Easily develop digital assets fit for institutional use, with developer tools, standards, and samples to get digital asset applications up and running quickly


Atomically and instantly settle assets or payment obligations between participants in a B2B network


Leverage Corda Settler—an open source CorDapp that allows settlement via any payment rail of any outstanding payment obligations arising on Corda Network


Access Token SDK—a standard interface to create, issue and trade
tokens on Corda


Natively support the identity, privacy, scalability and finality requirements of the digital assets market on Corda


This collaboration between Nasdaq and R3 is another important milestone in Nasdaq’s continuous development of technologies that support the creation and growth of dynamic, trusted digital asset marketplaces.

Johan Toll

Head of Digital Assets, Market Technology, Nasdaq

We are building the future exchange for digital assets, so the ability to adapt and evolve the ecosystem over time is crucial. R3’s wide developer community, open-source code base and experience across a range of industries make it ideal for this purpose.

Sven Roth

Chief Digital Officer, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

The Corda Token SDK...provides a consistent developer experience and a standard token library (with a common way to define their type, issue them, trade and use them). It makes it easier to (more robustly) build applications that exploit the tokenization of real-world assets (e.g. securities, commodities, goods, services) and facilitate fractional ownership.


How R3's Corda Token SDK Helps Developers Build Token-Based Applications for Europe's "Next Wave" of Blockchain Use Cases

Featured CorDapps

DvP Atomic TX

A borrower and lender market on a shared distributed ledger


Tokens for instant, 24/7 settlement and balance sheet management in Corda


Digital asset listing, trading, settlement and custody service on Corda


A digital trading, settlement and ownership solution for physical precious metals

Success Stories


In the gold industry, Tradewind selected to build a private blockchain application using R3’s Corda platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), due to Corda’s ability to isolate data, offer privacy, and provide a developer-friendly technology.

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