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Digital Identity

Explore how R3 is reimagining digital identity.

Blockchain Use Cases in Digital Identity

A rising key component of the digital economy is the ability to collect, verify, and manage users’ digital identities while they complete transactions and access services online.  Current approaches for sharing personal data and information with companies and digital platforms lead to privacy vulnerabilities from hacks or poor data management. Adopting DLT/blockchain in digital identity verification and management allows individuals or companies to maintain more direct control over their own confidential information. Further, processes along digital identity collection, verification, and management lifecycle can be streamlined by both more seamless attestations and more direct data sharing. Learn more about digital identity use cases and success stories with Corda today.

Why Corda?


Offers a secure distributed network of data, while keeping sensitive personal data off chain


Streamline attestation processes throughout the identity provision lifecycle, while users can manage and monitor which organizations can access their data


Revolutionize self-sovereign digital identities and corporate KYC


End-to-end data encryption and the minimization of decentralized framework simplifies access to verified identity


We partnered with R3 to build a decentralised digital ID platform based on R3’s financial-grade blockchain platform, Corda. One of the reasons we selected Corda is because it enables service providers to simplify customer identity management and streamline the due diligence process, whilst also allowing end users to be in total control of their identity.

Bertrand Knopf

Executive VP Banking & Payment, Gemalto

In an industry so diverse and eclectic as the Blockchain/DLT one R3 embodies the core values we look for in any of our partners: Banking industry knowledge and mastery of specific technologies. R3 has a seasoned team of professionals who have extensive financial market experience as well as deep knowledge of DLT’s capabilities. Working with the R3 team and using Corda will boost the range of solutions everis can provide to our clients and accelerate time to market.

Jorge Lesmes

Global Head of everis Blockchain Banking Practice, everis

We believe that our LEIA 2 initiative will be a central piece in bringing self-sovereign KYC to global banks and the standards, governance and technology infrastructure provided by Corda were a key piece of that success.

Diana Kearns-Manolatos

Global Head of Marketing, Synechron

Success Stories

Gemalto’s Trust ID Network

Gemalto’s Trust ID Network is revolutionizing self-sovereign digital identities by leveraging R3’s Corda blockchain platform.

Synechron’s Self-sovereign KYC

Synechron enabled 39 firms to complete a global trial of self-sovereign corporate KYC processes based on R3’s Corda blockchain platform

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