Paving the Way for the Innovations of Tomorrow with Distributed Technologies

April 01, 2021

As part of the Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week Virtual Summit, R3 is delighted to be hosting a virtual side event to discuss how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are paving the way for the innovations of tomorrow.

Join us for this one-hour event to hear the following presentations:

  • Why digital assets are the future of capital markets – Willy Lim, Subject Matter Expert
  • The impact of CBDCs on the payments industry – Ricardo Correia, Head of Advisory and CBDC
  • Confidential Computing: taking data privacy to a new level – Richard Gendal Brown, Chief Technology Officer

This online session takes place on April 1, 2021 10:00am HKT.

For more information and to register for GBA 2021, visit the website here.