Gartner 2020 Blockchain Platform Report: Trials Show Business Executives Drive Focused Solutions to Production

December 2020

Gartner’s analysis of over 1000 blockchain projects highlights how business buy-in and the use of core distributed ledger capabilities has been key to driving focused solutions to production in 2020.

Access the complimentary report to find out:

  • The components of distributed ledger technologies gaining most traction and delivering most value today
  • How 2020 has changed the use of DLT across a range of use cases
  • The platforms chosen by blockchain service providers for their projects and data on live networks, broken down by industry

Gartner, Blockchain Trials Show Business Executives Drive Focused Solutions to Production, Susanne Matson, Chrissy Healey, Alexandra Chavez, David Groombridge, 12 November 2020

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