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R3 sits at the center of one of the largest permissioned enterprise DLT production ecosystems in the world. Get involved by joining one of the hundreds of business networks built on Corda and explore solutions powered by Conclave. If you are an application builder, see our featured customer use cases.

Our Customers

Capital markets

Digital Asset Suite, part of Nasdaq’s Marketplace Technology, facilitates the creation of robust and scalable markets for digital assets. The solution, built on Corda, supports the end-to-end lifecycle management of digital assets.

HQLAx is a treasury management solution that reduces the consumption of intraday credit and liquidity for tri-party agents and custodians. The solution is built on Corda Enterprise, enabling atomic delivery-vs-delivery for baskets of securities residing at multiple custodians.

SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) is a fully integrated issuance, trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets, regulated by FINMA. The solution is built on Corda Enterprise to integrate digital asset trading, settlement and custody on a secure, stable and regulatory-friendly infrastructure.


Wells Fargo selected Corda Enterprise to underpin its Wells Fargo Digital Cash platform which allows the bank to complete internal book transfers of cross-border payments within its global network using digitized cash—and for those international locations to exchange that digitized cash among themselves.

The new Digital Vault service from HSBC, built on Corda, plans to enable global custody clients to access details of their private assets—including equity, debt and real estate—directly and in real-time instead of having to request a search of paper-based records.

ING partnered with R3 to roll out access to Corda Enterprise throughout the bank globally and deploy production-ready CorDapps across a wide range of business areas.

The Spunta Banca DLT solution, built on Corda by SIA, NTT Data and governed by ABI—the Italian Banking Association—connects over 100 Italian banks, representing 91% of the nation’s banks. In the first 6 months, Spunta Banca DLT processed 204 million transactions with an automatic match rate of 97.6%, transforming the interbank reconciliation process.


B3i’s Fluidity platform, built on Corda, delivers a new infrastructure that eliminates reconciliation pain points in treaties and accounting, boosting transparency and bringing complete contract certainty. Fluidity currently hosts ‘B3i Reinsurance’, the first live reinsurance blockchain application.

Ledgertech leveraged R3’s Corda platform to develop an insurance solution to handle the entire underwriting and claims process end-to-end. Bharti AXA is putting the blockchain application to work across the company’s motor claims business.

IntellectEU and KPMG teamed up to develop a fraud-detection app on Corda and Conclave that solved “double dipping” fraud, where one insured event such as a motor insurance claim is claimed twice from two different insurers.

Global Trade

The Marco Polo Network is the largest and fastest growing trade and working capital finance network in the world.

Contour has proven to reduce end-to-end processing time for letters of credit by 90% or more by simplifying the process for banks, corporates and trade ecosystem players. After two years of extensive testing, Contour moved into live production in October 2020.

Underpinned by Corda and accelerated with Corda eBL, Tramés has partnered with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to leverage R3’s technologies and the TradeTrust digital utility to support the issuance and verification as well as the operation of digitalized documents including electronic transferable records.

Digital Ventures Logo

Digital Ventures, a Fintech subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank, built Blockchain for Procure-to-Pay (B2P) on Corda Enterprise. The supply chain management platform is the world’s first fully integrated blockchain solution for Procure-to-Pay with over 10,000 suppliers onboarded to the solution.

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