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Enterprise Blockchain Now:
When to Jump and Where to Push

Why software firms should embrace blockchain now

Whether you’re a Fintech, Insurtech, Govtech or another type of software firm solving the needs of the industry you serve, you face a once-in-a-generation opportunity. As your customers grapple with a new digital era there is a renewed focus on transparency, trust, and innovation. They want to accelerate their own transformation by breaking down multi-firm boundaries, while balancing cost with value. Are you ready to support their needs?

In a new InfoBrief, market research firm IDC reviews the blockchain landscape, highlighting why now is the time for software firms to advance or accelerate multi-party solutions that solve their customers’ most pressing challenges. Many firms that have already embraced blockchain/DLT are now providing new applications that beat the competition, deliver highly relevant client solutions, and drive future growth.

Find out why spending on enterprise blockchain is set to rise to over $14bn in 2023. Discover the fastest growing use cases that are seeing a 40-60% CAGR in spending.

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Learn which use cases present the most opportunity and what software firms should consider when choosing blockchain partners. Want to explore more IDC insights for software vendors? Watch the preview video!

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