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IDC Report: What Confidential Computing Can Bring to the European Blockchain Landscape

July 2021

In a new Market Perspective Report IDC delves into all things confidential computing and how this emerging technology offers a radical new approach to protecting and sharing data across parties, while also enhancing DLT-based applications. With confidential computing, multiple parties can collaborate to unlock greater insight from pooled data without actually revealing that data to anyone.

Access the report to discover:

  • How confidential computing can enhance the cybersecurity benefits of blockchain
  • New market developments and key challenges
  • How confidential computing can help companies meet government rules and regulations
  • What industries tech leaders should consider as areas of focus
  • How Corda and Conclave together can enable tech providers to gain a first-mover advantage in protecting the customer data they are using to create value, identify risk and reduce fraud

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