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Blockchain Engineer

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Why Join Obscuro?

We are setting out to provide a useful solution for a broad spectrum of decentralised finance (DeFi) use cases. We are committed to building not just cool and unique technology, but also a decentralised not-for-profit organisation (DAO) which explores how to manage and govern a network for the benefit of its users. We have many hard problems yet to solve, including technical, operational and regulatory and we need your help.
Obscuro is an early stage startup with a promising outlook. Joining at this early stage means you have the opportunity to help design and build the fundamentals of the technical stack as part of a small, committed group plus enjoy a share of the founding team benefits. You can expect in-depth exposure to cryptography, trusted execution environments, confidential computing, blockchain and smart contracts.
We have a realistic attitude to remote working. This means you can be located anywhere in the world and able to come together face-to-face with the entire team at least once per month. We firmly believe productive and honest collaboration is critical to our success.

What is Obscuro?

Obscuro is a greenfield project building a novel Layer 2 for Ethereum. Obscuro brings confidentiality, scalability and cost reduction to Ethereum by combining both tried-and-tested and previously unseen innovative concepts. Similar solutions exist and have validated the market interest, however these are built on bespoke blockchains in competition with Ethereum.

What can you bring?

  • You are a highly productive engineer with at least one back-end language, like Go, C++, Java, Kotlin, Rust or Python, with deep knowledge of libraries and architectures.
  • You have a strong willingness to understand complex topics and learn Go if this is new to you.
  • Ideally you have experience using Geth or building an Ethereum Layer 2 solution or building distributed systems.
  • We believe in being fair, and are committed to an inclusive interview experience.

At R3, we encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you don’t meet all of the above criteria, but you think you’d be a great addition to R3, send us your CV. We’re always interested in meeting collaborative people who are excited to work with us.

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