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DevOps Engineer

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We are seeking an experienced, dynamic TechOps to join Conclave, R3’s new privacy preserving platform.
R3’s Conclave team is on a mission to build the leading privacy-preserving platform for the development of tamper-proof software. Applications range from aggregating sensitive data to detect sophisticated types of fraud, training AI models with sensitive data sets, or aggregating sensitive transaction data for risk reporting across organizations.
Conclave is a software development kit, evolving to a suite of complementary cloud services, rooted in hardware-based confidential computing techniques, designed to bring privacy-preserving capabilities to developers globally.
As the TechOps for Conclave, you will be directly responsible for the design and scaling of technical platforms, operating systems and services to support Conclave as it quickly scales from MVP to large scale. With your excellent understanding of cloud platforms, continer platforms, cluster design and service optimization, you will design a platform with outstanding security, a cluster and a monitoring console.
Conclave is an early-stage and technical confidential computing product so you will therefore need to be someone with a passion for and deep understanding of privacy enhancing techniques. 


  • Design a cluster to support a SaaS which will grow quickly from MVP to large scale
  • Hosting and scaling of multiple Open Source and bespoke services
  • Support for multi-tenancy and possibly per-tenant private clouds
  • Log acquisition and reporting
  • Development of a monitoring console
  • Design a platform with exceptional security 


  • Cloud platforms: Azure/AWS
  • Container platforms: Kubernetes
  • Deployment: Helm ArgoCD/Flux
  • Log processing, forwarding and reporting: ELK Filebeat/Fluentd/Fluentbit
  • Monitoring systems: Prometheus DataDog ELK
  • Cluster design
  • Service optimisation for cost and scale
  • Strong security design
  • Authentication and identity


At R3, we encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you don’t meet all of the above criteria, but you think you’d be a great addition to R3, send us your CV. We’re always interested in meeting collaborative people who are excited to work with us.

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