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Lead Software Engineer – Test Tooling

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We are looking for a Lead Engineer to manage the Corda Test Tooling team. You will be responsible for developing and supporting test tooling and frameworks for our own engineering teams as well as those of our customers. Your team is tasked with rethinking how we test our products in the Corda ecosystem. Corda’s characteristics as a fault-tolerant and scalable distributed system presents some testing challenges, which you will find interesting. As a team within the core engineering group, you will be working closely with Corda engineers to support tooling for all areas of automated testing, including unit testing, integration testing, stress testing, performance testing, and chaos engineering. You will also design and manage the environments and infrastructure needed to support this testing.

You must be a strong, experienced engineer with a passion for complex automated testing. Kotlin is our primary preferred language, however, we don’t mind if you don’t have experience with Kotlin but in that case you must have good knowledge of at least one OO language and you must be excited to learn Kotlin. You will manage a team that is seen as a Centre of Excellence at R3 and inspires engineers across the organisation to recognise and use testing best practice.

We will expect you to understand infrastructure and environment challenges that come with these testing tools. You should be able to manage those challenges, keep a keen eye on cost efficiency, and report on all this to senior management.
Most importantly, you would be excited and motivated by the challenge of solving hard problems in a way that delivers to internal customers within Engineering and is impactful to the entire organisation.


  • Manage a team of engineers, balancing hands-on work as an SME with managerial duties.
  • Define and plan a strategic roadmap for the team, influence the wider product design.
  • Be accountable for decisions that impact not just the team but our internal and external customers.
  • Identify challenges before they become issues.
  • Define and evangelise standards and best practices.
  • Mentor more junior developers to become industry-leading engineers.
  • Code review peers both within your team and in the wider organisation.
  • Champion engineering excellence.
  • Getting Kudos for breaking Corda and collaborating with the core engineers to ensure our customers can’t.

Education and Experience:

  • Proven track record delivering software in an enterprise environment.
  • Ability to recognise good practice and have an excellent understanding of the subject matter, including recognising industry standards and trends.
  • Good communication skills and ability to present to, and engage with, all stakeholders, including senior management.
  • 8+ years experience in an enterprise-level environment, including some team management experience.
  • 5+ years experience working with at least one OO language in a commercial environment.
  • 5+ years experience using test tooling such as JUnit and Cucumber, and good knowledge of mocking, stubbing, faking libraries.
  • 3+ years experience building test tooling.
  • Familiarity with multiple layers of the infrastructure and application stack from systems / OS development through to networking, middleware, and application logic.
  • Demonstrable understanding of software design and architecture patterns.
  • Proven problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure.


  • Experience working with distributed and/or message-oriented systems.
  • Experience with Kotlin or another JVM language.
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, and/or GCP.
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, GitOps.
  • Experience using Splunk, Gradle, Jenkins, GitHub.

At R3, we encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you don’t meet all of the above criteria, but you think you’d be a great addition to R3, send us your CV. We’re always interested in meeting collaborative people who are excited to work with us.

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