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We are looking for Software Engineers to join an amazing group of technologists to contribute to Corda, Corda Enterprise and other products in the Corda ecosystem. The role will revolve around pushing forward the capabilities of Corda and the associated infrastructure. Typically working at the back end using Kotlin you will deliver a highly performant and scalable system used by our global enterprise customers to build the future of distributed consensus. Corda and Corda Enterprise enable parties in any industry vertical to come to an agreement faster and at a reduced cost with flexibility encoded into the dynamic binding of resolution.

You will have a history of successfully working on features as part of the lifecycle of a product or internal project. You will have demonstrated the ability to branch off from an initial task set by your technical lead and work independently to research, provide and deliver a solution to the highest quality. You will be comfortable getting into the guts of a complex distributed system and be able to conceptualise its operation at many levels. You are excited and motivated by the challenge of solving hard problems, want to learn, improve, and grow as an engineer. The role has a large scope for personal and professional growth alongside the growth of Corda, Corda Enterprise and R3.

It is beneficial if you have experience of working in a demo-centric environment and be comfortable working toward demoable milestones as part of the development process where the vision is clear whilst the journey to get there will require research, prototyping and collaboration. Familiarity with an OO language and a desire to explore Kotlin is an advantage as is experience of low-level development and associated paradigms (sockets, threads, async protocols, error handling).

Most importantly, here at R3 Engineering we want to work with engineers who want to continue to grow as software professionals and craftspeople and who are excited to deliver excellence.


  • Working to deliver a new Intel SGX based product using your coding expertise in C++ or Java.
  • Work as a member of a team within the enclave development group to deliver high quality and well tested code
  • Realisation and delivery of technical designs to meet release deadlines
  • Code review peer contributions to the codebase


  • Strong understanding of computer science and engineering principles, most likely obtained through a combination of advanced academic study and significant professional experience
  • 2+ years experience in an enterprise level environment
  • Experience delivering end-to-end platforms and services Familiarity of multiple layers of the infrastructure and application stack from systems / OS development through to networking, middleware and application logic Proven problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure
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