Software Engineer (Managed Services)

  • London OR Dublin
  • Engineering
  • Full-time
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This role exists within R3 Engineering. Reporting to the Chief Engineering Officer, R3 Engineering provides technical product development for our blockchain platform, Corda, and all its associated services.

R3 is looking for a software engineer to help in the development of its new Managed Services platform. Managed Services will be delivering advanced capability to deploy and manage R3’s chief technology: Corda; making it possible for customers to quickly and easily spin up new Corda nodes, without having to manage them themselves. Specifically, we are looking for someone to join our back-end engineering team to help develop our portal application and automation tooling used for deploying infrastructure to major cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. If you have experience developing enterprise Spring Boot applications,  microservices, and have a good working understanding of Kubernetes, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Depth of Expertise: Typically, 6+ years of significant commercial experience, in two or more areas.
  • Design features that do not involve multiple areas of architecture change and provide validation for decisions
  • Innovation & Improvement: Able to design multiple features that do not involve multiple areas of architecture change and provide validation for decisions
  • Level of Interaction: Able to assess the work of more junior engineers and guide them in improving
  • Ownership & Responsibility: Responsible for feature teams
  • Coaching & Talent Management: Line Management of individual engineers. One-to-one with direct reports including quarterly reviews of direct reports. Assisting in Technical Interviewing.
  • Impact: Able to own design feature decisions and champion
  • Decision Making: Own design feature decisions and champion


  • Able to own complex areas of the code as an SME 
  • Able to drive that forward until its replacement with something better
  • Understand what is better in terms of the experience of prior delivery and its impact on customers and users.
  • Seen as the go-to expert outside of their team
  • Able to estimate feature delivery times for their teams
  • Able to lead a small team (1-2 people) in the delivery of small stand- alone projects
  • Able to articulate a technical vision and architectural design for that
  • Understand how their work fits into the larger architectural landscape
  • Able to assess the work of more junior engineers and guide them in improving

Education and Experience:

  • Strong understanding of computer science and engineering principles, obtained through a combination of advanced academic study and significant professional experience
  • Typically, 3-6 years’ experience in an enterprise level environment  
  • Experience delivering end-to-end platforms and services
  • Familiarity of multiple layers of the infrastructure and application stack from systems / OS development through networking, middleware, and application logic
  • Proven problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure
  • Experience developing Spring Boot applications and microservices
  • Experience with RESTful API design
  • Practical experience with one or more of the following:
  • Kubernetes and Kubernetes-based deployments
  • Docker
  • Kotlin /Java
  • MSSQL, and PostgreSQL. 


How We’re Handling Covid-19

We are extremely grateful to continue to grow as a company during these unprecedented times. Our #1 priority is the health, safety, and wellbeing of our current and future R3’ers. We want to share with you what we’re doing and what you can expect throughout our interview and on-boarding processes.

Since March, most R3’ers have been working remotely, although we have opened some key office locations global, with limited capacity for those that cannot work from home or need to come into the office.

As you go through the virtual interview process with us, please don’t worry if children or pets make a guest appearance. We understand these things happen- it’s real life after all! If we are fortunate enough to welcome you to the team, we’ll get a laptop couriered to you and get you set up virtually on your first day.  We also provide you with a “Work From Home” allowance to enable you to purchase some equipment to be more comfortable and productive.

We Have And Will Continue To Take Steps To Ease Some Of The Burden For Our R3’ers

We understand that Work From Home (WFH) life can be challenging in many ways, so some of the additional support measures we have in place include;

  • New Starter WFH allowance (as mentioned above) to get you setup to work productively at home
  • Additional access to wellbeing resources (as well as the support provided as part of your Vitality Private Medical) including a year’s free subscription to the Headspace app and modules on our Lessonly training platform from MindGym (including Goal getting, Stress Busters and Virtual Work)
  • We also have additional health and wellbeing resources available on our wiki pages when you join.


R3 may process the personal data collected or identified as being imported in accordance with R3’s Recruitment Privacy. Read the policy here. In particular, R3 will use the personal data provided for the purposes of processing your application for the role you have applied for, to assess your suitability for the role as well as to enter into a contract with you if you are successfully brought onto the R3 team.

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