April 4, 2018

CordaCon Tokyo 2018 Presentations

Keynote II: Designing Trust – Potential Value of Distributed Ledger Technology

Mr Hiromi Yamaoka, Bank of Japan

Presentation videoDeck: Bank of Japan [ENG]
CORDA: Universal Interoperability

Richard Gendal Brown, R3

Presentation videoDeck: RGB CordaCon FINAL.27
CORDA Performance: To Infinity & Beyond!

James Carlyle, R3

Presentation videoDeck: Corda Performance [ENG]
AZURE: Cloud Solutions on CORDA

Mr Kunihisa Hirabara, Microsoft

Presentation VideoDeck: Microsoft [ENG]
Digital Identity on industry-wide blockchain in Japan

Mr Mamoru Fujimoto, SBI & Mr Takayuki Kihara, NEC

Presentation videoNo deck available
Project Marco Polo:  An Open Trade Finance Platform Powered by Open APIs and DLT

Mr David Sutter, Trade IX,  Henry Roxas, R3, & SMBC

Presentation video.
Demo to come
Deck: SMBC & TradeIX [ENG]
ZKP3Medical Claim Management System

Dr Lawrence Ma, Emali

Presentation videoDeck: Emali [ENG]
Information Ledgers on R3 CORDA Commodities, Trading PoC

Mr NV Rao & Mr Hayasugu Nozaki, TCS

Presentation audioDecks: TCS [ENG]



Project Ubin: Clearing & settlement of payments & securities with DLT

Siddharth Singhal, R3

Presentation videoDecks: Ubin [CHI]

Ubin [ENG]

Ubin [KOR]

Enabling CORDA from Boardroom to Enterprise Production Deployment

Mr Kunal Chhabra, Bloxian

Presentation VideoDeck: Bloxian [CHI]

Bloxian [ENG]

Bloxian [KOR]

Trade Matching using Distributed Ledger TechnologyMr Suhas Kundargi, CalypsoPresentation audioDeck: Calypso [ENG]
A Collaborative Data Sharing Platform on CORDA and Project Blue Ocean

Mr Laneesh Vazhyayil, Cognizant

Presentation VideoDeck: Cognizant [ENG]

Cognizant [JPN]

HQLAx: A CorDapp Case Study

Mr Raoul Bhoedjang & Mr Cees van Wijk, ING

Presentation VideoDeck: HQLAx [ENG]
Project Voltron: One and Topaz

Mr Barry Childe, Mr Joshua Kroeker, HSBC &  Mr Duncan Wong, Mr Andrew Hon, CryptoBLK

Presentation VideoDeck: CryptoBLK [ENG]
TechTalk: The Future of CORDA

Mike Hearn, R3

Presentation videoDeck: The Future of Corda [CHI]

The Future of Corda [ENG]