Conclave – a platform to securely share and analyze data

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Build privacy-protecting solutions with ease

Conclave is a platform that takes data sharing to a whole new level. It enables multiple parties to contribute data for analysis without revealing the actual data to anyone.

This new platform from R3 paves the way for a new generation of trusted and shared data services that unlock greater business value, by leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Confidential Computing and Intel® SGX.

With Conclave, you can:

  • Analyze data from multiple parties in a protected algorithm, and verify how data is used
  • Protect customer data from misuse and provide assurance that the data remains protected when collected, shared and analyzed
  • Reduce time-to-market for privacy-enhancing applications
  • Access previously inaccessible customer data to deliver new insights and AI without compromising on confidentiality
  • Streamline business processes between firms, while sharing processing costs and infrastructure

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Key features + benefits for developers

Developer friendly

A high-level, intuitive API brings the world of trusted execution to regular business developers. Write apps on any operating system (macOS, Linux, Windows)

Code in the language of your choice

Write confidential computing applications in Java, Kotlin and JavaScript, with more languages being added all the time

Focus on business logic

Conclave’s innovative ‘Mail’ feature takes care of the messaging and persistence, allowing you to focus on the business logic. All the complexities of interacting with secure enclaves are abstracted behind an intuitive API

Compatible with Corda Enterprise

Conclave is available as a stand-alone platform and is also compatible with Corda Enterprise, R3’s flagship blockchain platform

Learn more about Conclave

Check out our documentation site.

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Learn all about how Conclave simplifies the development of privacy-preserving applications on our Conclave Fact Sheet.


Interested in learning more? Check out our Conclave Beta 4 blog post!

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Download Conclave Beta

Conclave Beta is available for download now. Start building today!

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