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Episode 15: All things Tokens - Todd, Richard, and Kevin from R3 all hit us with some #TOKENTALK

April 27, 2019


Todd McDonald


Kevin Rutter


Richard Gendal Brown


Catherine Rutter

Music by

Blog posts:
The Emergence of Enterprise Tokens Todd McDonald
Corda and Settlement: Let’s get atomic – Todd McDonald
Asset Tokenisation: An idea whose time has come but not for the reasons you might expect Richard Gendal Brown
Corda Top Ten Facts Richard Gendal Brown (Catherine particularly likes this blog post so just read it!)
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Show notes:
00:00 – 17:48 ** Todd McDonald talks about his recent blog posts on tokens and teaches Catherine about the latest on stablecoins
**17:48 – 53:28 Recorded a few months ago, Richard Gendal Brown and Kevin Rutter join Catherine in the studio to chat about the Corda Enterprise release this summer, the Corda Network, governance, WYSIWYG, WYSIWIS, and more ( 17:48 – 39:09 ) – and he also teaches Catherine more about tokens ( 39:09 – 53:28 ). Is she a token pro now? Prob. Special Guest: Todd McDonald.

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