Episode 23: Dave Hudson mic drops about 5 times

April 27, 2019

Guests: Todd McDonald Twitter LinkedIn Dave Hudson - Twitter LinkedIn Catherine Rutter LinkedIn Twitter Music by Links Mic drop Stablecoins Corda Settler JPM Coin Jobs at R3 Recent blog post from Dave - Getting Real with Blockchain Corda Enterprise Corda docs Corda Slack Corda Business Network Corda Trials Shownotes: 00:00 - 16:51 Todd McDonald 16:51 - 46:57 Dave Hudson Devs.... get involved! [Because we are supporting Kotlin and Java, that] "opens up an ecosystem of 9 million developers worldwide... so it's easy to get and understand what [Corda] is about... we have literally seen developers who within the first day of being exposed to Corda have been building things." Jobs at R3Special Guests: Dave Hudson and Todd McDonald.

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