Recent news in CBDC with R3’s Austen Appleby and CoreChain’s CTO and Founder/CEO talk payments networks!

On this episode, R3’s Austen Appleby stops by for a quick chat about recent news in CBDC. CoreChain’s CTO, RJ Herrick, and Founder/ CEO, Chris Aguas, also join to talk about their B2B payments network platform built on Corda, how COVID-19 has impacted business, digital assets and more! Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Recent news:
Facilitating cross network CBDC interoperability with Banque de France, Swiss National Bank and SIX







  • Catherine Rutter

    Guest Digital Marketing Manager
  • RJ Herrick

    Guest Co-Founder & CTO
  • Chris Aguas

    Guest Founder & CEO
  • Austen Appleby

    Guest Digital Currencies Product Development
  • Conan Brophy