Episode 6: We're not calling it Cryptolandia!!!

April 27, 2019
Links / info from the episode… Todd McDonald Twitter LinkedIn [Gartner Survey Reveals the Scarcity of Current Blockchain Deployments(https://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3873790) CIO Survey Cordite Doubts about interoperable smart contracts or, the case for network effects in smart contract protocals Ethereum Interoperability RGB Blog post: Universal Interoperability: Why Enterprise Blockchain Applications Should Be Deployed to Shared Networks Tony Sheng 12 Graphs That Show Just How Early The Cryptocurrency Market Is Chris McCann The birth of the internet Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are becoming a hot trend in the job market Jobs at R3 Crypto Pioneers Head to Brooklyn to Reshape Finance Kevin Rutter LinkedIn Research public papers R3 Research Quarter in Review GDPR blog post Can blockchain make trade finance more inclusive? University engagement Marco Polo Dave Sutter Linkedin: Jan Vromans Linkedin: Chris Sunderman Linkedin: Sophie Holm Linkedin: TradeIX ING Trade Finance Smart contracts Catherine Rutter LinkedIn Twitter Music by bensound.com Show notes: News update with Todd 0:38-14:35 A view into our research with Kevin 14:35-22:00 Marco Polo deep dive - 22:00-47:20Special Guest: Todd McDonald.
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