Conclave delivers data confidentiality without compromise

Conclave unlocks value by enabling the building of multi-party, confidential computing applications that securely share, pool and process sensitive data.

Take secure Data Sharing to a New Level

Securely share and analyze sensitive data

With privacy-preserving solutions built on Conclave, confidential data is pooled within an Intel® SGX enclave where it is protected when being processed. Even the solution provider can’t see the source data without permission. Conclave-powered solutions enable parties to feel confident pooling and sharing data outside of their organization which opens up new opportunities to unlock previously inaccessible insight.

enclave 101

Data is hyper-protected from attack

Enclaves are regions of memory that are protected from attack by the owner of the computer on which they run, making them highly secure and ideal for applications where data privacy is a concern.

Conclave cloud

Deploy solutions quickly and protect sensitive workloads

Conclave Cloud is an R3 hosting service for privacy-preserving solutions. It offers the quickest and most effective way to deploy confidential event-driven workloads by eliminating the complexities of building with secure enclaves.

Businesses today are walking a tightrope between data protection, regulation and achieving data-driven business outcomes. Leveraging Intel’s hardware-based computing technology, R3’s privacy-centric Conclave platform enables businesses to accelerate collaboration and innovation with sensitive data in a secure, trustworthy and compliant manner.

Ralf Helkenberg – Research Manager, European Privacy and Data Security, IDC
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Why choose Conclave?

Conclave app users can authenticate the hardware and software used to process their sensitive data, audit the source code of the algorithm used to process their data, and receive cryptographic proof that their data is being processed only as agreed. Conclave is also compatible with Corda.

Unleash insight with data collaboration

Who trusts Conclave to take secure data sharing to a whole new level?

Financial technology leaders, banks, hedge funds and more rely on Conclave-powered, privacy-preserving solutions because they can feel confident sharing data within their own firm, cross-border or outside of their organization. And that shared data unlocks unparalleled insights.

Harness the power of Confidential Computing

What you can do with Conclave

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection software firms can access private data sets after providing assurances to their customers that their data will not be viewed by the provider or the provider’s other customers – it will only be processed. Software firms can build new solutions that aggregate data from multiple firms in a trustworthy manner, while reducing false positives and detecting new fraud.

Improve Cloud Security

Data in-use protection reduces the risk of data breaches and insider threats. Prove that sensitive data cannot be viewed or tampered by either the data solution provider or the cloud vendor. Provide technical assurances that meet global data sharing regulations and allow customers and employees to retain ownership and control of their data.

Analytics Solutions

Analytics and AI firms can deliver solutions that provide transparency into how data is processed and ensure that customer data is always protected. This enables end-users to benefit from insights derived from analytics solutions without having to compromise on data privacy.

Market Data Aggregation

Securely upload revenue and other proprietary sales data to a service that calculates relevant statistics, all without allowing the operator of the system to see the raw data, saving time and costly development resources.

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