Success Stories

Discover Voltron

The open platform for documentary trade built on Corda Enterprise and in cooperation with CryptoBLK, Bain and industry-leading banks.

Learn about Marco Polo

One of the fastest growing trade and working capital finance networks built on Corda from TradeIX’s CEO and CFO.

Learn about Insurwave

Listen to Guardtime’s Jamie Steiner talk about Insurwave, a live insurance platform—built on Corda— that automates and digitizes manual processes across the industry.

Tradewind Markets

In the gold industry, Tradewind selected to build a private blockchain application using R3’s Corda platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), due to Corda’s ability to isolate data, offer privacy, and provide a developer-friendly technology.

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To build its royalty ledger and to meet the stringent privacy and security needs of its stakeholders, GuildOne chose to execute a proof of concept (PoC) using R3’s Corda platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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R3’s Corda Enterprise is better able to meet the data privacy requirements of international trade as it avoids public broadcast of all information to all parties. And by building a blockchain solution on AWS, users can seamlessly and securely access compute resources on-demand and at scale around the globe, taking advantage of digitalization efficiency gains and driving interoperability at scale.

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R3 is working with CryptoBLK, HSBC and multiple other banks and corporations to revolutionize and revitalize trade finance letters of credit, using the power of the Corda blockchain platform.

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Finastra is harnessing R3’s Corda Enterprise blockchain to open up a new business line and transform transparency and efficiency in the syndicated loan market.

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How Synechron enabled 39 firms to compete a global trial of self-sovereign corporate KYC processes based on R3’s Corda blockchain platform.

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Gemalto’s Trust ID Network is revolutionizing self-sovereign digital identities by leveraging R3’s Corda blockchain platform.

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