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The only blockchain platform built specifically for business

Corda is the only enterprise-grade blockchain platform that removes costly friction in business transactions by enabling institutions to transact directly using smart contracts, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security.

Corda was originally built by the financial industry, for the financial industry. It was developed in close collaboration with a vast network financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies to leverage the power of blockchain to address their specific business challenges.

As Corda was designed to meet the highest standards of one of the most complex and highly regulated industries in the world, it can be applied seamlessly to all other areas of commerce.

Only Corda offers the universal interoperability of public networks with the privacy of private networks

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The Corda platform: An Introduction by Richard Gendal Brown

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Available as open source software or as an enterprise platform, Corda harnesses the most appropriate elements of traditional blockchain technology and fine-tunes them for enterprise usage.

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Corda is designed to bring participants consensus on shared facts, removing the need for costly and time-consuming reconciliation.

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Unlike traditional blockchain platforms, Corda minimizes information leakage by only sharing transaction data with participants that require it.

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Corda is the gateway to a network of fully interoperable applications for finance and commerce, known as CorDapps.




CorDapps solve complex, real world problems for our partners and their clients.

All CorDapps run across a common layer of identity, consensus and governance, making them fully interoperable. Once connected to Corda, users are able to transact with multiple different groups of trading partners, for different purposes and under different legal frameworks, all at the same time and with guaranteed privacy.

As Corda runs on the Java Virtual Machine, developers can easily build CorDapps that make use of the vast array of libraries and third-party code that exists for the Java platform.

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