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The Power of 3

For regulated industries, only R3 delivers the 3 requirements for direct digital collaboration.


in primary blockchain technologies utilized in consultancy engagements according to Gartner in a November 2020 study


DLT platform to power a single seamless workflow from execution through the point of atomic settlement on ledger, using cash delivered to the SDX platform by its local central bank


to have a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) enterprise blockchain platform


to launch a sandbox for CBDCs with a private and public sector payments network

Trust technology

R3’s platforms leverage distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies to enable the development of next-generation multi-party applications that foster and deliver digital trust between parties.

A purpose-built, scalable DLT application development platform that has facilitated hundreds of blockchain networks across trade finance, insurance, capital markets, and banking.

A leading confidential computing application development platform that ensures private and secure cross-institutional data sharing.

Connected networks

R3 has convened one of the world’s largest ecosystems of diverse participants—financial institutions, regulators, systems integrators, software vendors, tech firms and more—who deploy, service and manage permissioned enterprise DLT and confidential computing solutions. As a result, customers and partners can take advantage of existing consortia, operating and governance models, and network support.

Additionally, we have experts who know how to test, govern, scale and manage business networks to get them up and running quickly.

Technology leaders across regulated markets of all sizes and areas of expertise are benefiting from R3’s multi-party application platforms—whether it’s development of innovative new offerings that can connect and open up new markets for their customers or optimization of internal operational processes.

Digital trust realized through multi-party technology opens up opportunities for banks, insurers, financial market infrastructure (FMIs) and exchanges – to maintain financial stability while embracing digital innovation. Corda is widely recognized as the best-in-class platform for financial services because it is permissioned by design, scalable and fit for purpose for high-value transactions.

R3 partners with the world’s leading global systems integrators (GSIs) who are engaged by their customers to leverage blockchain technology to connect siloed databases across multiple organizations and business processes, while reducing costs. Corda is available via all cloud providers, while Conclave can be deployed on any Intel-SGX infrastructure.

Regulated markets expertise

Deep industry expertise in highly regulated industries

With our roots as a bank consortium, only R3 has the market access and deep industry know-how to help firms accelerate the development of next-gen multi-party solutions that deliver trust for participants across financial services and other regulated industries.

End-to-end services from ideation to production

R3 offers end-to-end services from ideation to production. If you’re ready to explore what opportunities multi-party solutions can deliver for your business, we can help kick-start it. If you are further along we can de-risk deployment with the right support and best practice methodologies honed by years of experience deploying hundreds of apps in regulated markets.

Technology that meets regulatory requirements

Our ecosystem consists of some of the largest and most heavily regulated institutions in the world and a number of regulators themselves. As such, participants who participate in and build applications can be confident that Corda complies with regulations.

Engagement with trade associations to drive standards

Since the launch of R3, we have actively engaged with regulators, trade associations and government entities, inviting them into relevant trials and enabling them to observe and participate in the development of Corda, such as the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD). We are also a member of the Linux Foundation’s Confidential Computing Consortium to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of Confidential Computing in the marketplace.

Discover The Power of 3

From fragmented and inefficient value chains to trusted digital collaboration

Only R3 offers end-to-end enablement to help you realize the power of digital trust and accelerate the decentralization and digitization of financial services and other regulated markets.

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