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Direct digital collaboration

Navigate the complexities of collaborating digitally with R3’s trust technology underpinned by DLT and confidential computing platforms.

Shaping the future of regulated industries with digital trust

Trust Technology or “TrustTech” is the foundation of digital trust.

Trust technology has the potential to transform the future of business by delivering and propagating technical assurances of trust between parties that go far beyond traditional methods.

R3’s trust technology

Our trust technology is powered by production-grade distributed ledger and confidential computing platforms for direct multi-party applications and secure cross-institutional data sharing. Purpose-built for regulated markets, our platforms offer built-in network access, automated workflows, SDKs and APIs for accelerated enablement.

Driving end-to-end enablement with trust technology, connected networks and regulated markets expertise

Leverage the Power of 3, only from R3 so you can focus on what matters—deploying high-value DLT and confidential computing applications to transform businesses, improve underlying processes and capitalize on the new digital economy.

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Optimize: Drive system and business improvements through digital collaboration

Drive accelerated time-to-value by automating and removing frictions, inefficiencies and unnecessary costs in your business operations.

Modernize business processes and reduce risk

Eliminate data errors and reduce risks from data breaches through tokenization and other forms of asset digitization.

Maintain a single source of truth

Record, manage and synchronize shared data between multiple parties across a ledger to ensure consistency and eliminate errors.

Manage fraud through confidential data sharing

Uncover new types of fraud and stay on top of compliance using Conclave, R3’s confidential computing platform that secures sensitive business data in use.

Streamline inter-firm automation

Automate data and transaction processing across a business network and enable inter-firm efficiency and transparency. Orchestrate complex multi-party workflows with resilience.

Innovate: Build new systems and revenue streams

Leverage next-gen trust technology without risks and disruption. Build new solutions and revenue streams faster with a ‘modularized’ platform and software development toolkits.

Develop new solutions

Build new solutions that enable issuing and transacting with digital assets, custodian tokens, real-time payments and settlement, streamlined reconciliation and tracking and tracing of goods in a supply chain.

Access new value chains directly

Tap into R3’s extensive ecosystem of exchanges, marketplaces and business networks that bring together the world’s leading institutions in banking, capital markets, insurance and global trade.

Natively model the end-to-end digital asset lifecycle

Leverage Corda’s flexible smart contracts, flows and ledger to create, trade, track and manage digital assets. Ensure accuracy and consistency as assets evolve from issuance to settlement and satisfy DvP, compliance and regulatory requirements.

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De-risk innovation

Leverage R3’s trust technology and business expertise in regulated markets to embrace new technologies that will power a new distributed financial services industry.

Empower action

R3 offers a variety of ways for organizations to embrace multi-party trust technology. We facilitate the building of new—or enhancing of existing solutions—on our platforms, consuming solutions built on Corda or Conclave, participating in PoCs and sandboxes, and partnering with us.

Leverage our building blocks

Access templates, sample CorDapps, SDKs, and sandboxes to help accelerate app development in trade finance, payments, data sharing and digital currencies.

From fragmented and inefficient value chains to trusted digital collaboration

Only R3 offers end-to-end enablement to help you realize the power of digital trust and accelerate the decentralization and digitization of financial services and other regulated markets.

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