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Recorded Webinars ( 96 )

Online - July 20

Webinar Replay: Preparing for ESMA's DLT Pilot Regime – are you in the driving seat?

Watch this webinar replay to hear from industry experts from Malta Financial Services, Nasdaq and SEB as they discuss the fundamental principles of the regime, the impact it will have across the financial services industry and the steps that need to be taken over the next eight months.

Online - July 13

Webinar Replay: The Evolution of Platforms and Technology

R3’s Chief Economist, Alisa DiCaprio, recently participated in the latest FIX Trading Community FIXinar entitled “The Evolution of Platforms and Technology.”

Online - June 28

Webinar Replay: Financial Market Innovation on Corda

Fragmos Chain, Pontoro and DigiFinance (TrustVerse) discuss how they have been able to successfully build and scale institutional-grade financial solutions that help to solve industry pain-points by harnessing R3's Corda.

Online - June 14

Webinar Replay: What’s Trending in the R3 Venture Ecosystem

In this webinar replay, the R3 Venture Development team takes a deep dive into industry trends, new offerings and upcoming ecosystem events.

Online - May 25

Webinar Replay: Digital Currencies — from experimentation to production

R3's Angie Walker, Austen Appleby and Harrison Tan are joined by ANZ’s Balaji Natarajan for a deep dive into the current trends in CBDCs and fiat-backed stablecoins.

Online - March 31

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- The Incentives to Embrace Digital Assets

R3's CEO David E Rutter is joined by Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Börse for a deep dive into the incentives driving financial institutions towards digital asset adoption.

Online - March 30

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- The Interoperability Journey

In this webinar replay from the R3 Bank Forum, R3’s CTO Richard Gendal Brown is joined by Digital Asset and ConsenSys for a deep dive into blockchain interoperability.

Online - March 29

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- The Future of Digital Assets: A Regulator's Perspective

In this webinar replay from the R3 Bank Forum, R3's Isabelle Corbett is joined by the European Commission's Helen Köpman for a deep dive into how regulators perceive the future of digital assets.

Online - March 17

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- The Practicalities of Creating a Regulated Digital Asset

In this webinar replay from the R3 Bank Forum, R3's Indra Suppiah is joined by Flint Global and SEC Thailand for a deep dive into the practicalities of creating a regulated digital asset.

Online - March 16

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- Risk Management

R3's Andrew Stackiwicz is joined by Standard Chartered and SDX for a deep dive into digital asset risk management.

Online - March 15

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- Digital Asset Journey for Banks

R3 Chief Economist Alisa DiCaprio is joined by Centre and HSBC for a discussion into the digital asset journey for banks.

Online - March 10

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- The Global State of Play on Digital Assets

R3's Chris Ford is joined by XReg Consulting and Global Digital Finance for a discussion on the global state of play on digital assets.

Online - March 9

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- Tokenization vs. Digital Issuance

R3's Angie Walker is joined by J.P. Morgan and agora digital capital markets for a discussion on tokenization vs. digital issuance.

Online - March 8

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum- Digital Asset Custody

R3 Chief Strategy Officer Todd McDonald is joined by Fireblocks and Anchorage Digital for a deep dive into digital asset custody.

Online - March 2

Webinar Replay: Digital Assets Lifecycle Management Showcase Series- Americas Webinar

Join this webinar and discover how DTCC is innovating with DLT.

Online - February 24

Webinar Replay: Digital Assets Lifecycle Management Showcase Series- APAC Webinar

Digital assets are going mainstream. In this webinar replay, explore ways in which capital markets institutions are working with technology firms to develop DLT-powered solutions.

Online - February 23

Webinar Replay: Digital Assets Lifecycle Management Showcase Series- EMEA Webinar

LSEG's Dotun Rominiyi and R3's Angie Walker and John shaw discuss Digital Asset Lifecycle Management on Corda.

Online - February 8

Webinar Replay: R3 Bank Forum Launch - Industry Collaboration for a Digital Future

In this launch webinar replay from the R3 Bank Forum, R3 Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Todd McDonald, is joined by Jennifer Peve (DTCC), Luke Brereton (State Street) and Claudine Hurman (Banque de France) to share practical experience on what to expect along the journey to digital asset adoption, and the key regulations you need to be aware of when embarking.

Online - November 11

Webinar Replay: CBDC e Moedas Digitais no Brasil

Neste replay do webinar R3, revisaremos os conceitos de moedas digitais e CBDCs, bem como discutiremos os benefícios potenciais de uma moeda digital para o sistema financeiro brasileiro.

Online - November 11

Webinar Replay: The Future of Next Gen Payments on DLT

Join this webinar replay to hear more about the next generation of digital payments infrastructure—opening the potential to combine the growth in real-time payments with the efficiency promise of real-time settlement.

Online - October 7

Webinar Replay: Future of Securities Settlement on Blockchain

Watch this webinar replay to hear from the R3 CBDC DvP working group who recently created a novel security settlement model that uses blockchain.

Online - September 15

Webinar Replay: MPC Event- New Developments in the Blockchain Era

Watch this webinar replay as Todd McDonald, CPO, R3 shares the highlights and insights of the recent developments in the private distributed ledger technology ecosystem, central bank digital currency development globally, and how blockchain continues to disrupt the financial services ecosystem for the future.

Online - August 18

Webinar Replay: MPC Event - Digital Wallet and Privacy Protection

Watch this webinar replay to learn how digital wallets have played a critical role in providing the convenience of transaction for cryptocurrency and fiat currency, and how they are now the center of discussion for global CBDC.

Online - August 18

Webinar Replay: MPC Event - Stablecoin's Impact on Payments

In this webinar replay, hear R3's Muneeb Shah explore stablecoin’s impact on domestic and global real-time payments as it quickly morphs into its own payment system.

Online - August 5

Webinar Replay: Tokenização com o Corda Token SDK

Tecnologia blockchain está criando novos mercados para ativos anteriormente ilíquidos e reduzindo riscos e custos em sistemas de pós-negociação.

Online - July 21

Webinar Replay: Connecting CBDCs: Enabling cross-border and cross-network transactions

Watch this webinar replay where R3 experts share learnings from the CBDC Working Group around technology, policy, and business rational along with the launch of the R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies public preview.

Online - July 21

Repetição do Webinar: Conectando CBDCs: Habilitando transações transfronteiriças e entre redes distintas

Assista a este replay do webinar onde especialistas da R3 compartilham os aprendizados do Grupo de Trabalho de CBDC (Moedas Digitais soberanas, emitidas por um Banco Central) no contexto de tecnologia, regulamentação e racional de negócios, juntamente com o pré-lançamento ao público do Sandbox da R3 para moedas digitais soberanas.

Online - July 16

Webinar Replay: Institutional Collaboration for Financial Crime Compliance

Join this on-demand fireside chat with R3’s Joe Bognanno and David B Chenkin, Esq. Managing Partner, Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP, as they discuss how institutions can benefit from new technology that allows sharing data in a secure way while managing risk.

Online - July 15

Webinar Replay: Optimizing Commercial Payments at Time of External Crisis

Watch this webinar replay to hear how Increasing customer demand has driven the need for technological transformation to provide “any payment, anytime, anyplace.”

Online - July 15

Webinar Replay: The Role of Policy in the Successful Development of CBDC

Watch this webinar replay to hear insights into the policy world’s response to Central Bank Digital Currency.

Online - June 30

Webinar Replay: Truth or Myth - Has Blockchain Failed to Deliver in Banking?

Watch this fireside chat replay to learn how blockchain plays a key role in the digital transformation that banks are currently undergoing.

Online - June 24

Webinar Replay: A B2B Startup’s Guide to Success - Branding, Design + User Experience

Discover the importance of branding, design, and user experience in this R3 webinar replay, "A B2B Startup’s Guide to Success."

Online - June 7

Webinar Replay: What Happens After You Move Trade Operations to Blockchain

Watch this session replay to hear from R3 and BNY Mellon experts on why the bank made the decision to partner with a fintech for blockchain.

Online - May 25

Webinar Replay: Leveraging Digital Assets for Accelerated Settlement

This digital assets webinar replay looks at how DLT provides digital exchanges with benefits including faster settlement and greater interoperability.

Online - May 25

Webinar Replay: Why Tokenization is the Future

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about converting asset rights with economic value to a digital token.

Online - May 20

Webinar Replay: A Blockchain Startup’s Guide to Getting VC Funding

Watch this webinar replay to hear R3 and LeadBlock Partners discuss how to effectively pitch your blockchain startup to potential investors.

Online - May 19

Webinar Replay: A New Era of Privacy-enhancing Technology Has Arrived

Watch this webinar replay to hear from experts at Accenture, Intel and R3 as they discuss and debate the next frontier of data privacy. Discover how new solutions built on confidential computing and blockchain platforms are set to disrupt existing data privacy models and techniques, and solve real-world problems.

Online - April 27

Webinar Replay: The New (Regulated) Digital Currencies

Watch this digital assets webinar replay from R3 where we will investigate the types of digital currencies and the scenarios they are designed for.

Online - April 21

Webinar Replay: Rethinking Reconciliations with Distributed Ledger Technology

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about distributed ledger technology's value for reconciliation and the impact of reducing margin of error costs.

Online - April 20

Webinar Replay: How Blockchain Startups Can Secure Government-backed Funding

Watch this R3 startup series webinar replay to learn how to navigate the opportunities provided by government-backed funding programs.

Online - April 15

Webinar Replay: Building Governance and Network Collaboration

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about ensuring that projects built are sustainable in the long run and how governance is key.

Online - April 7

Changing the Tide on Digital Trade

Join R3 as we discuss the history, challenges, and opportunities for electronic trade. We’ll also explore Corda eBL, a new application toolkit and IGP&I accepted legal framework for Corda Enterprise that enables trade logistics and software firms to build multi-party applications to seamlessly issue, transfer and surrender eBLs in trade networks, and across the Corda Network.

Online - April 1

Webinar Replay: Paving the Way for the Innovations of Tomorrow with Distributed Technologies

Watch the replay of the Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week Virtual Summit webinar featuring guest speakers from R3. Discover how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are paving the way for the innovations of tomorrow.

Online - March 24

Webinar Replay: Solving Double Pay-out Fraud in the Insurance Industry

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about how blockchain and confidential computing technologies are helping insurers collaborate and mitigate fraud.

Online - March 18

Webinar Replay: Why Privacy Matters

Watch this replay to discover how, by leveraging technologies such as Confidential Computing and Intel® SGX, multiple parties can share value both directly and privately.

Online - March 10

Webinar Replay: Seamless Payments on Ledger and From Ledger

The payments industry is undergoing a transformation—from centralized technology solutions to connected networks that are digital, collaborative and trusted. DLT (distributed ledger technology) sits at the center of this new world order.

Online - March 4

Webinar Replay: Multi-party Data and Value Exchange: New Foundations for Fintech - Open Finance

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about why firms are seeking solutions for secure data exchange and what's driving the need for direct value exchange in digital ecosystems to meet the increasing digital currency and payment expectations.

Online - March 2

Webinar Replay: Del campo a la esa: cómo blockchain aumenta la transparencia

A medida que la cadena de abastecimiento de alimentos se torna más compleja y globalizada, la importancia de la trazabilidad es mayor que nunca.

Online - February 24

Webinar Replay: Illicit Trade in Goods: Using Innovative Technology to Fight Money Laundering

Trade finance is the grease that keeps the international economy moving and is even more critical in times like these. Yet, it is also one of the easiest ways for criminals to launder money.

Online - February 22

Webinar Replay: Moving Towards Cross Country Interbank Reconciliation

This webinar replay discusses how the Spunta Banca DLT solution has connected the entire Italian domestic banking sector on distributed ledger technology, transforming the interbank reconciliation process.

Online - February 18

Webinar Replay: How to Launch and Secure Investment for your DLT Startup Idea

Many startups launch with great ideas about how to utilize blockchain, realize value, and solve critical customer pain points. Watch this webinar replay to gain hints and tips about how ideas take off as successful business and scale up to turn a profit.

Online - February 16

Webinar Replay: Digital Assets and Distributed Ledgers - Use Cases in Institutional Finance

In this webinar replay from the DA:DL FIN Conference, R3's Angie Walker discusses a number of use cases to demonstrate the adoption of DLT and digital representation of assets on the ledger in Capital Markets.

Online - February 4

Webinar Replay: All Things Confidential Computing

We are all operating in and trying to navigate a digital-first world. Because of that data has never been more prevalent. And that data--if shared--holds the key to greater knowledge, insights and analytics.

Online - January 14

Webinar Replay: Confidential Computing - It Promises to be the "Big Thing" of 2021.

Confidential Computing continues to gain traction as it is critical for protecting cloud data, and it is fundamentally helping establish and expand the “circle of trust” in cloud computing.

Online - December 15

Webinar Replay - Enterprise Blockchain - 2021 Predictions

Over the next five years, blockchain projects will continue to expand into new areas like Confidential Computing.

Online - December 10

Webinar Replay: How To Sell Software Into Financial Enterprises

Securing enterprise customers in a scalable and repeatable way is now more challenging than ever. Watch this webinar replay to discover how startups can build, launch, and scale their enterprise go-to-market (GTM) efforts, as well as navigate the long and thorough procurement process.

Online - December 9

Webinar Replay: Como solucionar o problema de fraudes em sinistros no setor de Seguros utilizando Blockchain e Computação Confidencial

Na gravação deste webinar, nosso parceiro, IntellectEU, discute como sua plataforma, Claimshare, permite o compartilhamento de sinistros de seguro usando Corda e IA.

Online - December 3

Webinar Replay: Digitally Native Trade and Supply Chains Emerging Use Cases and Solution.

Digital trade has remained elusive but recent events have spurred enterprises to be more agile and adapt production processes.

Online - December 2

Webinar Replay: VIMA Fundraising Framework for Early-stage Startups

In this webinar replay we discuss the VIMA industry initiative which provides a set of standardized documentation for seed rounds and early-stage financing. Hear expert advice on how to position yourself tactically for your next fundraising round.

Online - November 26

Webinar Replay: Building the Future of Frictionless Commerce with Blockchain

This webinar replay, from IAMAI and R3, explains how organizations across India are using technology, including Corda, to transform their business.

Online - November 19

Webinar Replay: Fintech Tip - Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is gaining popularity worldwide. 80% of central banks are looking at this closely as a tool to promote their work.

Online - November 12

Webinar Replay: Digital Asset Convergence – Blockchain and the Rise of Embedded Finance

The sense of urgency around the tokenization of digital assets has shed light on emerging trends in the decentralized financial services.

Online - November 3

Webinar Replay: The Next Banking Revolution: A Promise of Transparency and Efficiency

Explore the next wave of digital banking, how both banks and FinTech companies can play a part, and reasons to look into enterprise blockchain technology for your business.

Online - October 8

Webinar Replay: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)- An Essential Foundation for the Next Generation of Payments Stack

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), has been highlighted as one of the upcoming innovative technologies to solve payment issues. The question is, can we leverage it to improve the current foundation of payments stacks in the market?

Online - September 30

Webinar Replay: Winning in the Digital Economy: A New Focus for Startups

Join us for this one-hour session, as we explore the ways you can identify the needs of enterprise clients, highlight the unique selling points of your solution, and present your case in a way that your potential clients will identify with. Hear expert advice, and tips on how you can improve your pitches and position yourself for lift-off when the market recovers.

Online - September 23

Webinar Replay: ICC Banking Technical Webinar - Fraud in International Trade

Tune into this webinar replay to gain insights into the future of trade fraud mitigation and how blockchain technology is playing a role in the anti-money laundering space.

Online - September 15

Webinar Replay: Sales Scaling and Fundraising: Proven Strategies for Enterprise Startups

In this webinar Carl Rodrigues, Tech Entrepreneur + Founder of Joining The Dots, will reveal how enterprise startups can identify opportunities, build successful sales strategies and successfully connect with both customers and investors.

Online - August 27

Replay do webinar: O aumento da eficiência nos pagamentos e arrecadação com a tecnologia blockchain

Durante esta sessão, apresentaremos informações sobre os desafios enfrentados pelo setor de pagamento e cobrança e como a tecnologia do blockchain corporativo está sendo usada para lidar com esses desafios.

Online - August 26

Webinar Replay: How to Grow and Sustain Your Business Value in The Blockchain Economy

Tune into this webinar replay explore the economic implications of blockchain, assess the market reception to this technology and learn more about the regulation of enterprise blockchain.

Online - August 13

Webinar Replay: How To Pitch Your Blockchain Startup To Investors

For startups looking to attract investment, a concise and compelling pitch is essential to capture the attention of any potential investors. A founder’s attention is on the day-to-day running of the business, attracting new customers and building out a product, meaning little time is left to fine tune that all important investor pitch.

Online - July 29

Webinar Replay: Accelerating Enterprise Blockchain- Start Small, Think Big, and Repeat

Startups are in the best position to adopt new technology like enterprise blockchain and integrate it into their business model. Impacting business operations, a startup’s approach towards adopting the blockchain technology has to be carefully analyzed and selected. Should startups buy, build or borrow new technologies? How can companies transform and align emerging business models with their own company goals?

Online - July 23

Webinar Replay: Delivering Efficiency for Telecoms Group Treasury Functions Through Blockchain

Join this session to learn more about R3 and Corda, as well as see presentations from leaders at Digital Ventures, Ivno, TradeIX, and Valk. These presentations will showcase how their solutions are able to dramatically improve processes in trade finance, intra-company cash management, illiquid asset management and invoice financing.

Online - July 22

Webinar replay: Building CBDC-The Race to Reality

Check out this webinar replay to hear from leading organizations at the forefront of the most advanced, and forward-looking central bank digital currency (CBDC), projects in the world.

Online - July 16

Webinar replay: B2B Growth Hacking- How to Accelerate Your Enterprise Sales Strategy

Check out this webinar replay to discover how to accelerate the sales process into enterprises, and why a clearly defined value proposition and sales strategy is needed.

Online - July 9

Webinar replay: Generate Your Next Revenue Stream with Corda Blockchain Platform

Watch this webinar recording co-hosted by R3 and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) as R3’s Nikhil Surve and Vivekdeep Gupta explore Corda blockchain use cases across industries including banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and more.

Online - July 8

Webinar replay: From Asia to Global- Central Bank Digital Currency Developments

Watch this webinar recording from the Seamless Webinar Series as an expert panel from Accenture, Bank of Thailand, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Temasek, and R3 explore the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) in Asia and the opportunities it is providing for the banking industry.

Online - June 25

Webinar Replay: Distributed Ledger Technology and the Regulatory Landscape

Regulatory accountability continues to increase as a result of extensions to financial market abuse, risk and capital-related rules. The nature of these regulations is also changing, often requiring the sharing of proprietary data between trading entities. The reporting and constant reconciliation of data which results from this adds a costly burden to an already margin-squeezed industry. This webinar replay explores how applications built on DLT have proven to help solve these issues.

Online - June 25

Webinar Replay: The Art of Demonstrating Prototype Feasibility for Production

The marketplace is teeming with new businesses, but few have their ideas take off and turn profit. Furthermore, increasing consumer demand for revolutionary products is pressuring new companies to differentiate themselves.

Online - June 18

Webinar replay: Blockchain is not just a technology: How startups can realize its value and solve real world problems

Technology drives much of the narrative and conversation around blockchain. However, startups can’t code their way to success, the true value of blockchain revolves around its ecosystem and community. During this on-demand webinar we discuss actionable steps for startups and business owners to execute on their blockchain strategy.

Online - June 16

Webinar replay: Will Digital Securities be the Standard for the Institutional Ecosystem Within 10 Years?

How are financial institutions exploring digitalization opportunities now? What business challenges are barriers to adoption? What do institutional investors and regulators need to consider in this trend? Listen to this webinar recording from the Securities Tokens Realized series as R3’s Sharon Yuen joins a virtual panel on blockchain technology and digital securities for institutions within the next 10 years.

Online - June 16

Webinar Replay: Intelligent Insurer New Kids on the Re/Insurance Blockchain

It is widely tipped that re/insurers are likely to build some of the biggest blockchain applications outside the payments sector. The potential wins include the removal of costly and error-prone rekeying and duplication; reduced processing times and costs for placement, compliance and claims settlement; and better access to new markets or products. Watch the replay of this Intelligent Insurer webinar to hear Allianz, R3, and Swiss Re discuss which use cases offer the highest benefits and lowest barriers to implementation.

Online - June 10

Enterprise Considerations for Blockchain Adoption

We’re almost half-way through 2020 and the momentum behind blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) continues. The conversation has shifted from the potential of the technology to practicalities of enterprise deployment. With so much information available, how can you cut through the noise and apply learnings from blockchain’s early adopters to your own initiatives?

Online - May 27

Webinar replay: Corda Enterprise: blockchain fine-tuned for today’s business needs

Implementing blockchain is being shown to unlock tremendous value in virtually every industry. But not every blockchain platform is equal! Only Corda is proven to meet the security, scalability, and support requirements of complex organizations looking at digital transformation. This webinar replay covers how Corda is enabling organizations to reduce operational cost and risk by streamlining complex, multi-party transactions, and gain competitive advantage by offering new ways of doing business during unprecedented times.

Online - May 27

Webinar replay: How to Design a Winning and Sustainable Business Model

A business model is a company’s plan to generate profits and it is critical for the survival of a new business. As an entrepreneur or startup, what do you need to know when it comes to mapping out a business model? How can you plan to overcome future challenges when designing a suitable business model for your company? When should you pivot your model to fit market requirements during unforeseen challenges and situations caused by macro-economic factors?

Online - May 20

Webinar replay: Identifying and building a business case on blockchain

Aimed at CIOs, Product Managers, and Enterprise IT professionals, this 45-minute webinar replay describes how to define whether enterprise blockchain is the right technology for your business. Hear how to build a business case based on measurable outcomes to support buy-in and increase chances of success.

Online - May 14

Replay do webinar: Identificando casos de uso para blockchain corporativo

Este webinar em língua portuguesa é para qualquer um que pensa em alavancar a tecnologia blockchain e precisa entender em quais recursos focar ao procurar a solução. Apresentando Nayam Hanashiro, diretor de alianças estratégicas, LATAM, R3 e Marcelo Creimer, gerente de inovação da eZly, o seminário on-line aborda os principais recursos e funcionalidades, os benefícios da adoção de blockchain e casos de uso da vida real. Os ouvintes também podem descobrir os recursos mais recentes do Corda Enterprise 4.4 e Corda Enterprise Network Manager 1.2.

Online - May 13

Webinar Replay: The Basics of Enterprise Blockchain - moving beyond the hype

Blockchain is once again being highlighted as an essential component of digital transformation – a way to decrease costs whilst providing traceability and, increasing transaction speed and efficiency. But if you are only just beginning your investigation into blockchain, where do you start? What features do you focus on? What real-world applications are actually in production? This webinar replay explores what enterprise blockchain is, why now is the right time to be building on blockchain, and how blockchain-based solutions can unlock new value for you and your customers.

Online - May 12

Webinar replay: How Blockchain Automates Wholesale Connectivity

As an increasing number of telco providers look into distributed ledger technology (DLT) use cases, this webinar with Capacity Media looks at how carriers can use, and benefit from, blockchain. Listen to the replay to hear leading industry executives from Bartr, CSG, R3 and Tomia discuss how organizations are using blockchain to automate wholesale connectivity services for carriers.

Online - April 29

Webinar replay: Managing change in turbulent times: startup key resource navigation

This webinar is the second event in R3’s Startup Series, a series of events designed to provide hints and tips for startup success in a digestible format. Featuring Mario Aquino, Founder and CEO of FutureLabs, this webinar covers survival tactics, prioritization criteria, and decision-making agility in business management. In this episode, listeners can discover how to make the best use of available resources, ways to manage operations in a lean manner, and how to strategically plan for their companies’ next growth phase.

Online - March 31

Webinar replay: An Introduction to the Corda Challenge: India

This is an introductory webinar for R3’s Corda Challenge: India. Hear about Corda, our next-gen enterprise blockchain platform and why so many innovation departments, startups, and fast-growing companies are choosing to integrate it into the early stages of their product development. Find out why the Corda Challenge: India is different from other hackathons, what the judges are looking for from participants, and how you can get involved. Learn more about the challenge here.

Online - March 31

Webinar replay: Preparing Your Startup For Success During Uncertain Times

This webinar is the first event in R3’s Startup Series, a series of events designed to provide hints and tips for startup success in a digestible format. In this episode, listeners can hear expert advice around key actions that will help maintain business during times of disruption, and how a business can position itself for lift-off when the market recovers.

Online - March 25

Webinar replay: Digital Trade Networks in Uncertain Times

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) health emergency continues to cause trade disruptions throughout the world, it is highlighting the fragility of global supply chains. Such volatility and uncertainty demonstrate the importance of digital initiatives to bring greater trust, transparency, and supply chain certainty during uncertain times.

Online - February 12

Webinar replay: Unlocking Interoperability

Have you ever looked at the backend structure of a financial institution? With legacy system architecture dating back over 30 years, inserting new technology into that stack can be challenging. Our webinar with FinTech Connect looks at interoperability between different blockchain / DLT platforms, and the legacy systems they interface with. It examines the challenges consortia, enterprise players, FIs, central banks, and tech providers face – and how they overcome them. Listen to the replay to hear about the different market level business problems DLT can solve, and how the infrastructure that is being laid down right now will derive value for years to come.

Online - June 19

Application of Blockchain in Clinical Research Recording

During clinical trials, human biological samples are collected at clinical investigator sites over an extended period. Flawless administration of the chain of custody is critical to sample management because correct handling impacts both the course and results of clinical trials. Defective sample management can involve missing or contaminated samples, incomplete data, delays in reporting results, and substandard logistics. This leads to higher costs, lack of transparency, and other problems that can be avoided with the use of better technology like DLT.

Online - April 3

Implementing Blockchain Technology in Trade Finance

Trade finance is an industry still heavily dominated by paper processes across complex supply chain processes. As financial institutions continue to explore blockchain as a solution to simplify and digitize trade, there are opportunities for enterprise blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry. In this video, our partner, Satoshi Systems, will share the current state of blockchain in trade finance and some common challenges. Through this discussion, we will explore the issues and concerns raised by banks and other key players.

Online - March 14

Blockchain & global payments - Settle blockchain transactions with Swift gpi Recording

Corda Settler is an open-source CorDapp to help Corda users settle transactions using any payment method. R3 is collaborating with global financial messaging provider, SWIFT, in a proof of concept to enable Corda Settler to support settlements through SWIFT’s cross-border payments service, SWIFT gpi.

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