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Enterprise Considerations for Blockchain Adoption

June 10, 2020 ONLINE

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We’re almost half-way through 2020 and the momentum behind blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) continues. The conversation has shifted from the potential of the technology to practicalities of enterprise deployment. With so much information available, how can you cut through the noise and apply learnings from blockchain’s early adopters to your own initiatives?

Join this 45-minute webinar to hear expert advice on the considerations you should be focusing on when developing an enterprise blockchain strategy.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to leverage the expertise of software providers like R3 who can provide the guidance, best practices, and business case validation necessary to help you make a confident first step forward.
  • How to become a ‘smarter customer’ for blockchain — learning from past engagements to ask the ‘right questions’ in key areas (such as privacy, performance, transaction confirmation, and enterprise integration) in order to make more informed choices.
  • The lessons learned from blockchain pioneers and what a successful implementation looks like.

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