How to Secure Investment for Your DLT Startup Idea

February 18, 2021 ONLINE

Many startups launch with great ideas about how to utilize Blockchain, realize value and solve critical customer pain points. However, few ideas take off as successful business and scale up to turn a profit.

How can founders test and validate their initial assumptions? What makes a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a DLT startup, and how can startups get production ready fast? Join R3 for this startup series webinar as we discuss how early-stage startups can successfully get to production and raise capital.

Register now and to learn how to:

• Validate and get to MVP fast
• Secure funding with minimal traction
• Get your DLT startup “investment ready”

This webinar will take place at 1:00pm GMT on February 18.

David Vatchev


Venture Development Lead

Lambert Despaux

Schema Capital

Founding Partner