Moving Towards Cross Country Interbank Reconciliation

February 22, 2021 ONLINE

In a world shaped by the increased pace of digital transformation, the Italian banking sector is already exploiting the power of Corda.

The Spunta Banca DLT solution, built on R3 Corda Enterprise and governed by ABI Lab – Research and Innovation Centre promoted by the ABI – has connected the entire Italian domestic banking sector on distributed ledger technology, transforming the interbank reconciliation process. With 98 banks already connected, Spunta Banca DLT is the largest Corda network in production and the stats already speak for themselves:

• In excess of 220 million movements executed, representing more than 330 million Corda transactions
• An average automatic match rate of more than 98%
• More than 600 daily users

Join R3 and ABI Lab for this invite-only event at 14:00-16:00 GMT on February 22 to discover new opportunities for sustainable and powerful value creation.