R3 ESMA DLT Pilot Regime Working Group Launch

Date: February 6, 2023
Time: 2:00pm GMT / 3:00pm CET

March 2023 will mark the start of the EU’s much awaited ESMA DLT Pilot Issuance Regime meaning it’s time for market participants to move beyond planning and towards implementation. Join R3 and a select group of invited attendees for our working group launch webinar on February 6 at 2:00pm GMT UK time, where we’ll cover:

– An overview of the working group and our goals
– An overview of the DLT Pilot Regime from ESMA 
– A look at the landscape so far and how R3 has been involved in discussions
– What’s next for the working group

This webinar will be held under Chatham House rules and will not be recorded.

  • David E Rutter

  • Chris Ford

  • Ian Salmon

  • Nathan Fenech

    Chairman of the ESMA DLT Pilot Regime
R3 ESMA DLT Pilot Regime Working Group Launch

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