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Webinar replay: How to Design a Winning and Sustainable Business Model

May 27, 2020 ONLINE

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A business model is a company’s plan to generate profits and it is critical for the survival of a new business. As an entrepreneur or startup, what do you need to know when it comes to mapping out a business model? How can you plan to overcome future challenges when designing a suitable business model for your company? When should you pivot your model to fit market requirements during unforeseen challenges and situations caused by macro-economic factors?

With the increasing need for efficiency and productivity, there are many new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to discover. Companies are finding ways to innovate and brand themselves with unique business angles to capture new audiences and new revenue streams. During this webinar, we will explore the importance of planning and executing business models across different scenarios. The discussion will also cover the different types of assets and business model approaches you can leverage to, not only survive difficult times but to turn your ideas into a monetization engine for your company.

The R3’s Startup Series is a series of webinars, round tables, podcasts, and other activities designed to provide hints and tips for startup success in a digestible format by R3’s Venture Development team. R3’s Venture Development program is the gateway into R3 and the Corda ecosystem for all pre-series A companies building on Corda. We help you to validate your business and product-market fit faster. Learn more about how we can help support your start-up and contact us here.


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