Why Privacy Matters: Making Corda Work for Startups + Enterprises

March 18, 2021 ONLINE

Blockchain enables multiple different parties to exchange value and information, without the need for a central intermediary. However, many of todays decentralized public blockchains are limited as transactions are fully visible to the entire network. In the many industries where the sharing of sensitive data is crucial, this poses a huge risk to not only a company’s own data, but also to their customers’ data.

In this webinar, Alexey Koren, Lead DLT/Cryptography Engineer at ING, will discuss how, by leveraging technologies such as Confidential Computing and Intel® SGX, multiple parties can share value both directly and privately. Alexey will also detail how using these technologies can yield benefits such:

• Reduced time-to-market for privacy-enhancing applications
• New data insights, without the risk of compromising on confidentiality
• Streamlined business processes between firms, with the added advantage of being able to share processing costs and infrastructure

Please join as we explore why privacy matters to both established enterprises and startups, and highlight key innovations such as R3’s new Conclave platform and Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs).

This webinar will take place at 1:00pm GMT on March 18.

David Vatchev


Venture Development Lead

Alexey Koren


Lead DLT/Cryptography Engineer